Monthly Archives: June 2023

Save the World is out, and next Kickstarter

My new sci-fi visual novel about aliens, “eating the rich”, and other social themes, Save the World, is now out both on itchio and Steam.



Overall I’m happy how it was received all things considered. It has some very divisive themes (eat the rich, aliens, veganism, etc) and I was sure that it could have been a disaster. Well, it wasn’t, so yay!

If you’re looking for a story very different from anything I’ve done in the past, you should check it out.

Time to roleplay!

And now, back to ToA: An Elven Marriage! That will be the next Kickstarter, live shortly, just waiting to see if I can get a proper trailer video done in time. I’ve been working on it already, but that happens with all my games, that’s why I’m able to finish all the Kickstarted games way before the deadline.

Considering the general collapse of Steam sales, having some KS funds would help me greatly, and let me expand the game with more scenes, quests, items, etc. Make the RPG and story parts bigger.

I also have in mind some interesting stretch goals and reward tiers, including the possibility to design your custom outfit for either Elenor or Saren! So stay tuned!

The Kickstarter will be live in the next few days, meanwhile you can bookmark it here:

I’ll probably do another extra blog post later this month with some more info about this game even if I’ve already talked about it in several past blog posts.