Monthly Archives: March 2009

Spirited Heart update + new game

So in theory by mid-march my new game should have been finished. And it is. The problem is that I wrote a big part of the story (the love/relationship scenes, so the most important) into my own native language, italian. I then handled them to a “translator” so she could deliver me the final texts in time for mid-march.

The result was disastrous. A translation so poor that I would have done much much better myself alone. So, I had no choice but ask another translator (a REAL one this time) to proofread again the texts, resulting in a delay of 1-2 weeks. At this point I think the game will be ready by first days of April.

Some of you might have noticed recently I switched to more casual/simple games. But fear not! I am working also on another game, similar to Magic Stones, called “5 Elements: The RPG Card Game”:

for now I’m still in the planning stage, but I can reveal some features:

– 5 elements that influence the whole game (units and spells): fire, air, nature, death, life. Your initial choice will reflect into the kind of units you can train during the game.
– you’ll create your commander choosing from three types: Warlord, Wizard and Marksman. Each type will unlock some extra powerful leveling options for your units
– several “race packs”. Initially the game will be shipped with only the human race, but I’ll release extra packs containing new cards with new races (amazons, dwarves, etc)
– leveling avatars. The cards all start based on one of the three archetypes: melee, magic and missile. Each base archetype can evolve after level 4 into a more powerful unit, picking an element. Then after the units reach level 15, can evolve into an even more powerful unit.
– I have planned 48 unique units for each race. A unit, different from magic stones, will have a full set of skill and attack options, like a real RPG character.

Ok I think that’s enough to wet your appetite 😀

Bionic Heart promo trailer

I’ve just uploaded a promotional trailer of my upcoming sci-fi game Bionic Heart. It shows the use of the holomap to move to the various game locations, some dialogues, and a hot Helen in jogging outfit 😉
I’m quite proud of what I’ve done so far, and I think this game is definitely different from my previous dating sim /visual novels.

Stay tuned for more info coming soon…