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Best songs from my games

I often liked to put a theme song on my games, but I never made what I’m about to do now: a sort of ranking. Of course it’s my personal tastes and yours will be different!

I want to divide them in two groups, songs from games released before 2020 and songs of the games released in the last two years, since they all have a song (while in the past I didn’t always have it).

This is not a ranking of successful games or anything else – just my PERSONAL tastes on the theme songs of my games! And there might be some surprises…

Older games songs ranking

Third place: Always Remember Me

It was the first theme song to appear in my games and maybe already because of this I have special memories attached to it. But anyway I also like how the song turned out in general!

Second Place: Roommates

I was really undecided if to put this first or second, but maybe because I’ve heard it so many times I’m starting to get sick of it 😛 Jokes aside, it was the perfect song to accompany this game!

First Place: C14 Dating & Cursed Lands

You weren’t expecting this, right? Well, I don’t know why but I think this song is catchy and I like this singer’s voice.

This one instead is a classic, I think probably the most romantic theme song of my games (though I also liked a lot Planet Stronghold 2 theme song).

Newer games songs ranking

Third Place: The Curse Of Mantras

I’m starting to see a pattern in my choices – songs with a sexy, low voice ! Jokes aside (well not even much) this could have been in the older songs since it was YEARS since the song was ready, but the game came out this year, so…

Second Place: Summer In Trigue & At Your Feet

This game came out in a particular moment of my life, and thanks to its art, writing and music was like taking a virtual trip to a tropical island and life the relaxing holiday life. In practice I have only good memories of this game and I always will, for personal reasons 🙂

This is the craziest song I’ll ever do for a game (which is also crazy too). The lyrics are hilarious and yet the melody is very catchy and I love this singer’s voice. Indeed she also did several other songs, like…

First Place: The Hardest Thing (Hazel)

Hazel’s theme song is very simple, just piano and voice, but I think is beautiful, both in the lyrics and in the singing. The same singer also did After Midnight song albeit is a different genre (more rock/gothic).

So that’s it! If you want to, share in the comments your favorite theme songs from my games (or even from other VNs)!