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Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel Kickstarter

the game official trailer

I’m happy to announce that I launched my first Kickstarter:

Since it was the first time for me, I decided to pick a “small game” (remember that small for me means medium-sized for almost everyone else!). I did this on purpose since I didn’t want to stress myself too much as first attempt!

Anyways, it’s going rather well (I picked a very low base goal since wasn’t sure exactly how much to ask). But what is this game about?

It was born by an idea of making a series of “dark fantasy” games, having a common denominator: they are narrated by the Nameless God, who rules the Under-Realm (this idea was mentioned briefly in the other Aravorn games, but never explored so much).

This first “episode” (but they’re all disconnected from each other, so no recurring characters) will see the witch Hazel who was captured and imprisoned.

from her outfit you’d never guess she’s a witch, right??

In the same room, she’ll meet with the first love interest, the beautiful assassin Sasha:

she’s cute, but deadly

And the second and last love interest is the paladin Tori:

who said that paladins don’t wear mini-skirts?

And if you think the outfits are too unrealistic, don’t worry: in the game you’ll be able to pick all the options, like a full plate armor for Tori.

You can find even more info in the Kickstarter page. It’s a bit weird I know, since this game’s story actually takes place AFTER all the four Loren spin-off games I’m going to do in the next years, but the base idea (that Hazel is one of the last witches remaining, and there’s this order hunting down witches) can work only in this specific point of the Aravorn’s timeline. A bit of a spoiler maybe, but I think people will forgive me!

Final considerations

As you see I tried to put a very unusual starting situation, also because, I forgot to say, at the beginning of the story you (Hazel, the main protagonist) are dead! But… how that happened? And there’s a way to cheat death? You’ll revive the last days of life of Hazel with the Nameless God powers and find out !

who’s dead? you’re dead!

The game will have as usual a very deep story and the characters will gradually reveal more of their background, motivations and in some cases even show surprising change of heart. There will be some darker scenes but nothing “extreme” like torture or rape, so don’t worry about that!

I also made sure to include happy endings so that all the romance plots will end in a satisfying manner (even more important considering it’s a LGBT game).

The Kickstarter is about to end, and while I put as estimate release June next year, if everything goes as planned, I think that is very likely that the game will be out much sooner than that! Stay tuned!