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Announcing my new Kickstarter “At Your Feet”

Last year I mentioned I wanted to go back doing a comedy game. And not just comedy but also a “crazy” one. So I had this idea, of a yuri dating sim in which the main character, the latina Emma, has a foot fetish.

I’m serious, it’s not a late April’s fool. It is real (those following me in social networks already know it’s true). And before you ask: yes, women can have it too. I did research it before deciding to make this game!

The Kickstarter game page is:

The game has 3 love interests: Victoria, Lucy and Natalie. You can see a better introduction in the Kickstarter page.

On the left Victoria, one of the love interests, on the right Emma the protagonist

I know that this is a very “risky” game, mostly because it’s completely different from anything I’ve done in the past – my games always had some humor, in some cases even extreme humor like Roommates, but such a crazy starting idea? lol

But in the end, I’m doing so many other “serious” games in the next years, like Curse Of Mantras that I’m working on now, or ToA: An Elven Marriage, that I really wanted to do a game with a light mood, something to relax and have a moment of escape from the reality (and I think we need it now!).

And now after such a crazy announcement, I suppose people could have some questions, so I made a sort of “Question & Answer”:

You’ve given up with otome or yaoi games?

For smaller games, it makes more sense to make them yuri or otome. If I look at my last 10 games, 7 out of 10 have otome, and both the bigger games mentioned above (Curse Of Mantras and ToA: An Elven Marriage) have all romances, so…

Also, my future new Kickstarters will have more romance options again.

What if I’m not into feet?

This kink is very particular, but for those not interested in feet and that are looking for sexy content, the game will of course show also other parts of the female body.

For those instead who’ll play it for the story/romance and not the sexy part (the game can be played in a censored way) I think with such a weird setup the story could turn out to be rather funny, with some embarrassing moments, but also with cute ones.

So in summary, I think it should still be worth playing even if you don’t like this fetish at all.

Why have you decided to do such an absurd game?

Simple: I wanted a break from insanely huge games, complex coding, serious epic stories, from a big cast of characters, especially considering that I’m working not on one, but on two such games at the moment (both huge and both with a more serious/epic plot and complex gameplay).

And so I wanted to do something silly and different. It would be easy to pick a “safe” genre like otomes, do romantic stories with cute art, and have a guarantee amount of sales. Nothing wrong with that strategy, I did that too in the past – BUT sometimes I want also to try doing something different!

That’s why everything considered, I was happy how Volleyball Heaven turned out (and judging by the reviews, people liked it). And why I liked C14 cast with all their disabilities, and so on. From time to time, I want to try new things. Remember that Loren was one of those “experiments” and it turned out it was a good idea.

So please forgive me if sometimes I come out with something silly/crazy as this game 🙂 But don’t worry, it will be the exception and not the rule! lol