Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Damien Vargas

Damien Vargas

Damien Vargas was the leader of the so-called “Rebels”. Fighting for freedom against the evil Empire. Well, sort of. In reality, Damian was little more than a smuggler, trying to make a living during hard times by selling rare and stolen items on the black market.

When he got an offer he couldn’t refuse, he attacked the Planet Stronghold colony. However, he found out he was tricked. The same myserious people who offered him money to create total chaos ended up attacking the rebels too.

Because of this, he sought out Nelson and negotiated a truce with him/her, swearing to help in anyway he could. Nelson eventually learned that apparently Damian’s father and John Nelson were comrades-in-arms in a previous war on Planet Stronghold. Nelson doubted Damian’s words, but the rebel swears it’s true.

Playing as Lisa, you could end up in a romance with him. Despite Damien’s cynical and rude attitutde, a spark started between them. Is it only a physical attraction? Perhaps, but whenever the two are in the same room, they can’t stay separated.

After the war was over, Damien and several other rebels joined the colony and formed a new ‘Special Intelligence’ division, where their security and anti-espionage abilities would be put at good use.

Progress Update

You can now compare and equip the crafted items directly

Work is going well during this month, I added some extra features like the screen above, and I also coded a good amount of the 1st chapter. Like many other games of mine, even this game will be divided into four chapters, with the first being the demo. Of course, they’re not all the same length, so if you finish playing the demo of the first chapter doesn’t mean you’ve seen 25% of the whole game!

I also spoke with the writers of Corona Borealis and Volleyball Heaven, and they’re working on the latest bit of texts (mostly polishing or doing some extra date scenes). At the same time, we’re also producing the last bit of art, some secondary characters for Corona Borealis and several backgrounds for Volleyball Heaven.

Last but not least, I managed to update the Google Play version of Love Bites to add Ashley bonus character. As usual I had to delete a “very offensive image” (lol it was a scene with Nadia FULLY DRESSED, but somehow it was too much!) but only in the app page, so the game remains untouched. I have no estimates for Amazon or iOS versions sadly.

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Happy New Year and 2019 Goals

Happy New Year! Like every year I’m going to set myself some goals. Taking a look back at last year’s goals, I still have to finish Volleyball Heaven and Planet Stronghold 2, even if for this last one it was obvious I wouldn’t make in time last year.

I think it’s safe to say that unless I get hit by a bus or something, both games should be finished this year. Of course I’m also going to finish Corona Borealis since we’re at very good point.

I’m particularly curious to see how people will react to Corona Borealis in particular, since it’s going to be a “SMALL GAME” (albeit very polished!) for real this time. It will be shorter than my other games and will be priced accordingly (I haven’t made my mind yet about the price but it won’t be over $9.99 for sure).

Beside those 3 games, I might have some surprises, but even if I have some projects going on “in secret” (except for my Patreon supporters) my main goal in the next years will be to finish all the games I started, in particular Loren 2 and Undead Lily since are the oldest games I’ve announced that I still have to finish. I should also really be getting Summer In Trigue done though, luckily that’s not a RPG so I’m not involved directly into it.

Every year I keep saying that I would also do some “experimental games”, but I never find the time. I have an idea about a card/sim game that I think could be interesting, in this case it would have a really minor story since the focus would be mostly on the gameplay. I need to find the time to code it though. A good moment could be when I finish Planet Stronghold 2, since I’d need a break before jumping into coding Loren 2 straight.

Anyway we’ll see. Honestly I can’t wait to have both Loren 2 and Undead Lily finished, because I think it’s really bad, both for developers and also players, to have games in the works since so much time. It’s a mistake I’ll never repeat again in future, alongside to never make sequels (in particular keeping the same protagonists).

In summary I think a good release schedule could be:

  • first quarter 2019: finish Corona Borealis
  • second quarter 2019: finish Volleyball Heaven
  • before end of 2019: finish Planet Stronghold 2

However, like happened back in 2018 with Cursed Lands, I realized that if I can work uninterrupted on a game myself alone, I can make progress much faster, and the story and gameplay are much better integrated (obviously since I write as I code and viceversa). So PS2 estimate release might change greatly depending on various factors. It would be nice to have it in beta before the Summer!

Like every year, when this is about to end, will be fun to go back and see how things went vs how I planned it. There are going to be some surprises for sure.

Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas and 2018 review

Like every year, besides wishing you Merry Christmas, I am going to review the year that is about to finish. As I wrote already in the past, this was a good year (professionally speaking) for me.

Against the elements!

Haha, early this year was really me against the elements! I mean, here it’s not unusual to have snow (I live at 800m on sea level after all) BUT, this year was really crazy. I have never seen so much snow as this year since I live here (over 10 years!). To this, add some crazy winds that blow straight from the mountains to my house at over 100km/h, rain/hail storms, and some walls of my house were damaged.

But wait, that wasn’t all! My already crappy wi-fi connection (normal broadband is not available here yet) decided to go offline for weeks. I remember doing updates for Cursed Lands from December to March (that’s THREE MONTHS!) using my normal phone connection which features the superspeed of 640kbps! I was uploading the games at 25-30kb/s: a full 100mb would have taken me AN HOUR to update… for every single OS. Yes to upload 3 separate installers (Win, Mac, Linux) would have taken me 3 hours. During a beta, where you usually update the game daily. This was clearly not possible… to the rescue

Luckily, the year before, I started migrating my games to the new platform called I wrote about the reasons already in a blog post back in 2017, but in this case it was really my safety net: thanks to the diff patching system, I would only need to upload chunks of 5-10 mb at time. So even with my  terrible connection, I managed to do updates that would only take me 15-20 minutes to upload max, without driving me nuts.

So the result was that I managed not only to do the beta regularly but even finished Cursed Lands much sooner than I thought!

The games released

I already wrote two detailed postmortems about Cursed Lands and Love Bites, so here I am only going to add that of course I was very pleased by the result of both games. I was really surprised to have Cursed Lands finished so early this year, since I had scheduled a late Summer or even Fall release!

For Love Bites instead, I knew more or less that it would have been ready in Spring. I delayed the game release a bit because it would have been too close to Cursed Lands, but that was the only reason. It was also great to be able to release a free new character (Ashley) later this year. Once again  many thanks go to Miakoda, one of my most reliable collaborator!


I cannot deny that it was a VERY stressing year, also because I lost a pet and had to do some house renovating works (I really coldn’t delay them any more…). But ultimately things went well. I’ve also learned another lesson which could be summarized in: believe in yourself and your ideas. I remember when PSCD was out 2 years ago, I was depressed. Now, with the art fixed, it’s steadily my 3rd-4th best selling game. Cursed Lands on release had many negative reviews, claiming writing is stupid, art sucks, and so on. I was a bit disappointed, even if by now I understand that Steam review are just a bit… “on the negative side” in general.

A “camp talk scene” of Planet Stronghold 2, Lisa trying to understand Shiler’s point of view

Yet, it sold extremely well so it’s obvious to me that I must have done something right, or at least, I managed to match the tastes of a lot of people, the “silent majority” who simply enjoys a game and doesn’t bother to write any review (even if maybe it would be positive), but that group is the main reason why I’m still in business after all these years 🙂

So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! And don’t forget to check my usual sales both on Steam and

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Prince Cliff Neuville

Prince Cliff was the first male gay character to appear in my games. I really like his design even if I know some yaoi fans prefer more muscular men. But you haven’t seen Cliff naked yet! Even if you wouldn’t bet on it, he has some nice muscles too. You’ll see, since Planet Stronghold 2 will feature optional fully naked romance CGs!

Prince Cliff Neuville

Prince Cliff has very little in common with his father, King Oscar. Cliff is very tolerant about the alien races and will always seek a compromise or even an alliance over a full scale war.

He is a daydreamer; more interested in culture and the arts. Though he isn’t a skilled warrior, don’t mistake Prince Cliff for a weakling or coward. He is a cunning strategist and will react to any threat to himself or his people with maximum force.

If you chose to side with the rebels in the first game, Prince Cliff imprisoned his father and took over the colony’s command in consort with Queen Shiler. After the final victory, Shiler returned to her people and while the two continued to have a good relationship, Cliff couldn’t help but notice how quickly new Maradan towns appeared.

If you sided with the Empire, Cliff would be imprisoned at the end of the war by his own father and sent to a prison on the planet Omega. However, he disappeared as soon as he arrived and nobody knows what happened to him.

If you started a romantic relationship after the final victory, Joshua and Cliff were burdened with additional responsibilities. Despite this, they were determined to make their relationship work because they knew it was special.

Volleyball Heaven Update

As you can see from the screenshot above, this game language/theme is much more mature than my usual ones!

Since I announced this game, a lot of things happened. I will assure you though that this won’t be another “cursed” game (I’m talking of course about the canceled Nicole yuri). Also because the story is fully written already, but there are so many outfits/scenes that scripting is taking a while, and also writer is reviewing and polishing every scene.

As I already said it won’t be out this year, but next year for sure! It will be my first title with very mature themes (and not just in the super hot romance CGs but also language, etc) so I’m curious how it will do.

The pre-match show featuring the two team

Contrarily to what I said before, a “full Visual Novel Mode” version won’t be possible, but this only means that the scheduler will always be present. You’ll be able to skip the match completely with an instant result.

The gameplay will matter to reach certain achievements but in general, you should be able to unlock all the romance CGs. I also know the writer is preparing a full walkthrough 😉

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Philipp Koenig

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. As you probably already know, I’m doing an Autumn sale both on itchio and Steam.

And now let’s talk about Philipp! For some weird reason, I really like this character. Yes he’s an asshole, he hates aliens (but in the story it will be revealed a backstory that somewhat will explain this) and tells bad jokes. But still it’s one of my favorite characters to write! His camp talk will obviously take place in the colony pub where there’s no shortage of alcohol 🙂

Philipp Koenig

Before joining the army, Philipp Koenig was once a renowned bounty hunter, or at least that’s what he wants everyone to believe. In reality, he was a treasure hunter, always looking for buried alien valuables.

His lack of social skills, combined by his passion for drinking, earned Philipp a very bad reputation. Despite his drinking habit, Philipp’s abilities on the battlefield and accuracy with sniper rifles are never questioned. However, every higher ranked officer that dealt with him earned Phillip the label as “a total pain in the ass.” He often questions orders, and he does little to hide his deep dislike for aliens.

To no one’s surprise, Phillip is a loner. His harsh manners combined with terrible jokes ensure nobody wants to get closer to him, let alone gain his friendship. Most of the team members tolerate his presence mostly because of his incredible prowess on the battlefield.

Corona Borealis update

This time I’m going to do a small update about one of my other games in development: Corona Borealis. I’m pleased to say that we’re at very good point, but as you can imagine, releasing the game during the “Christmas rush” wouldn’t be a wise choice, so we’re going to wait until new year.

In the screenshot above, this is what happens when you keep saying “Can I romance this…?”

Next week I’ll also write an update about my other dating sim, the first really yuri-only dating sim released by me, Volleyball Heaven!

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