Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Prince Cliff Neuville

Prince Cliff was the first male gay character to appear in my games. I really like his design even if I know some yaoi fans prefer more muscular men. But you haven’t seen Cliff naked yet! Even if you wouldn’t bet on it, he has some nice muscles too. You’ll see, since Planet Stronghold 2 will feature optional fully naked romance CGs!

Prince Cliff Neuville

Prince Cliff has very little in common with his father, King Oscar. Cliff is very tolerant about the alien races and will always seek a compromise or even an alliance over a full scale war.

He is a daydreamer; more interested in culture and the arts. Though he isn’t a skilled warrior, don’t mistake Prince Cliff for a weakling or coward. He is a cunning strategist and will react to any threat to himself or his people with maximum force.

If you chose to side with the rebels in the first game, Prince Cliff imprisoned his father and took over the colony’s command in consort with Queen Shiler. After the final victory, Shiler returned to her people and while the two continued to have a good relationship, Cliff couldn’t help but notice how quickly new Maradan towns appeared.

If you sided with the Empire, Cliff would be imprisoned at the end of the war by his own father and sent to a prison on the planet Omega. However, he disappeared as soon as he arrived and nobody knows what happened to him.

If you started a romantic relationship after the final victory, Joshua and Cliff were burdened with additional responsibilities. Despite this, they were determined to make their relationship work because they knew it was special.

Volleyball Heaven Update

As you can see from the screenshot above, this game language/theme is much more mature than my usual ones!

Since I announced this game, a lot of things happened. I will assure you though that this won’t be another “cursed” game (I’m talking of course about the canceled Nicole yuri). Also because the story is fully written already, but there are so many outfits/scenes that scripting is taking a while, and also writer is reviewing and polishing every scene.

As I already said it won’t be out this year, but next year for sure! It will be my first title with very mature themes (and not just in the super hot romance CGs but also language, etc) so I’m curious how it will do.

The pre-match show featuring the two team

Contrarily to what I said before, a “full Visual Novel Mode” version won’t be possible, but this only means that the scheduler will always be present. You’ll be able to skip the match completely with an instant result.

The gameplay will matter to reach certain achievements but in general, you should be able to unlock all the romance CGs. I also know the writer is preparing a full walkthrough 😉

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Philipp Koenig

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it. As you probably already know, I’m doing an Autumn sale both on itchio and Steam.

And now let’s talk about Philipp! For some weird reason, I really like this character. Yes he’s an asshole, he hates aliens (but in the story it will be revealed a backstory that somewhat will explain this) and tells bad jokes. But still it’s one of my favorite characters to write! His camp talk will obviously take place in the colony pub where there’s no shortage of alcohol 🙂

Philipp Koenig

Before joining the army, Philipp Koenig was once a renowned bounty hunter, or at least that’s what he wants everyone to believe. In reality, he was a treasure hunter, always looking for buried alien valuables.

His lack of social skills, combined by his passion for drinking, earned Philipp a very bad reputation. Despite his drinking habit, Philipp’s abilities on the battlefield and accuracy with sniper rifles are never questioned. However, every higher ranked officer that dealt with him earned Phillip the label as “a total pain in the ass.” He often questions orders, and he does little to hide his deep dislike for aliens.

To no one’s surprise, Phillip is a loner. His harsh manners combined with terrible jokes ensure nobody wants to get closer to him, let alone gain his friendship. Most of the team members tolerate his presence mostly because of his incredible prowess on the battlefield.

Corona Borealis update

This time I’m going to do a small update about one of my other games in development: Corona Borealis. I’m pleased to say that we’re at very good point, but as you can imagine, releasing the game during the “Christmas rush” wouldn’t be a wise choice, so we’re going to wait until new year.

In the screenshot above, this is what happens when you keep saying “Can I romance this…?”

Next week I’ll also write an update about my other dating sim, the first really yuri-only dating sim released by me, Volleyball Heaven!

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Rumi Kai

Rumi Kai

Rumi Kai originally joined the military as field medic. However, one day Lieutenant Shatz saw her psionic skills at work and convinced her to become a combat soldier. What Shatz couldn’t imagine was how mistreated Rumi would be at the training camp. The camp’s zealous scientists found out that Rumi’s psionic index was two levels higher than the maximum level ever recorded in the time of Graciela Reyes (one of the first human psionics). Thus they began the “experiments.”

Rumi was no more than a test subject, and unfortunately during her “training time” she lost her sight. Luckly, once Tom found out what was happening to Rumi, he used all his influence so that she could be released and join the regular army.

Since then, Rumi Kai has always been considered an invaluable member of the team thanks mainly to her incredible psionic skills and code of honor similar to that of the ancient samurai. She treats enemies with respect, opposes decisions that she doesn’t consider “honorable”, and sometimes can show admiration for the most formidable opponents.

Progress update

The blog posts are written every 2 weeks so the info here is not super up to date, however for those not following me on the other social networks, I have tweaked how the skill checks work. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Initially I simply reused Cursed Lands skillcheck system. That means: if you have the required value of skill XYZ, the check is successful. However I quickly noticed during testing that it wouldn’t work in this case, for a simple reason: in Cursed Lands the checks were done only for the main protagonist, here instead any member of the current team can do the check!

As you imagine this meant that out of 6 active party member characters it would be very easy to find someone with the required skill, so I decided to change it this way:

  • if you have the required skill level with any character, it will always be successful (100% success chance). For example, a choice requiring Stealth II will always be successful if you have anyone in your party with Stealth II
  • if nobody has the required skill value, the success will be percentage based. For example in the screenshot above, the check is for Stealth II, and Rebecca only has Stealth I. There will be 50% chances of success

Differently from the first game, the random number are generated in a way so that the infamous “save scumming” is not working. Even if you save before the skill check and reload 1000 times, the result for that particular check with that particular character will remain the same.

I’m doing it this way since in the first game was a common strategy to save just before a skill check and try until you make it. However on the other hand, the success percentages here will be higher on average, so you should be really unlucky to fail a check (and even if you fail it’s not a game over anyway).

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Love Bites bonus DLC: Introducing Ashley!

Surprise, surprise! I’m proud to announce that we’re working on a bonus DLC for the game “Love Bites”. And the best news is that the DLC will be included for free in the base game!

The DLC will add Ashley to the pool of the romanceable characters. Since both the writer and I loved her (for the appearance and personality as you’ll read below) we decided that would have been a pity to not add her. Like the other love interests, she’ll be available both to Kaitlyn and Brandon.

Now I can of course imagine that some people will be disappointed that there’s only one extra female, but also for technical reasons (like there simply wasn’t enough space to add more characters in the scheduler! and other things) we can only add one more, and after some recent events (cancellation of Nicole yuri, long time since I made a BxG game) I think if I had to add one character only, it should have been a female.

However, we might explore Love Bites world again in future, maybe in another game, and we’ll make sure to include some handsome boys too. Everything depends also on Rebecca’s (the artist) availability since she’s very busy.

The DLC writing has been already finished, but it still needs to be scripted and tested. I hope to have it ready next month.

And now, Ashley’s character introduction follows below:

Ashley Harrington

Age: 26

Ashley is a soft-spoken, gentle woman who is much tougher than she looks. She has a deep abiding love for nature, and animals in particular. As such, Ashley is pursuing a graduate degree in environmental studies, and hopes to get a job as a botanist afterwards.

However, school is far from cheap, and to curb some of the soaring costs, Ashley works as an exotic dancer. The job is a means to an end, but her family is less accepting. This bothers the normally upbeat Ashley more than she likes to let on.

In such instances, Ashley takes solace in the nearby woods, spending entire weekends communing with nature alone. An avid outdoorswoman, Ashley knows the best parts to go camping, the best place to pick flowers, or the tastiest patch for berry picking. In the great outdoors she feels truly at peace…which should come as no surprise as she is also a werewolf.

Unlike movie lore, most werewolves are not cursed, but born that way. While her bestial side didn’t come as a surprise since her older siblings are also werewolves, Ashley has a hard time reconciling her animal nature with her human side.

Unfortunately, many people can sense when there is a predator in their midst, no matter how well-hidden, and this means Ashley has found it hard to make any close friends, let alone lovers. Those who aren’t put off by her, find they have a friend for life.

This isn’t to say Ashley hates her wolf nature, far from it, but she is learning that sometimes she has to let the wolf loose…or else, it will do so of its own accord, especially when the moon grows full.

In those instances, Ashley will usually head for the woods. While more than capable of defending herself, she’s also learned she isn’t the only person with a secret to hide.

During one incident in which a drunken, belligerent patron decided he could take advantage of a fellow dancer, Ashley intervened…and nearly lost her arm in the process to a young woman with black and purple hair. The woman said she wouldn’t allow Ashley to hunt among her charges.

Things might have escalated, except the dancer came to Ashley’s aid, pointing out how wrong the raven-haired woman was. Embarrassed, the young woman fled, but from that day forward, Ashley kept a closer eye on her friends and coworkers.

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Jacob Miles

For Jacob sadly I don’t have any camp talk image. We did first the love interests ones, and we kept Philipp and Jacob as last. Artist managed to do Philipp but then she was too busy to finish even Jacob. Poor Jacob!

So instead of his camp talk screenshot you can admire in the video above some new nice battle effects I’ve added to the game.

Jacob Miles

Jacob Miles was raised by androids on Planet Stronghold. He kept his identity a secret from everyone except Captain Nelson: Jacob is half-human and half-alien. His father was one of the last few survivors of the Zhion, an alien race of powerful psionicists. Because of this, Jacob inherited a very strong psionic affinity from his father. He is regarded as one of the strongest psionicists of the whole colony, second only to Rumi Kai.

Even if he is half-alien, Jacob believes that ideals are stronger than belonging to a group. He has no regrets if he needs to fight against other aliens if he believes in what he is fighting for.

While Jacob can be a good soldier on the battlefield, his main interests are in the sciences. He spends every single moment of his spare time in the science labs of the colony, collecting and analyzing data on Planet Stronghold’s bio-diversity.

At the end of the war with the Descorians, he asked to reassigned to the research department where he felt more useful there in times of peace. However, this peace seems to be coming to an end, and Captain Nelson might need his skills on the battlefield once more.

Halloween Sale

Like all years, the seasons of sales kicks off with Halloween. I’m doing a small Halloween sale on itchio.

Older games are 25% off:

Newer games (the 2 released this year) are 15% off:

There will be one on Steam as well, but I am not allowed to say when sorry!

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