Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Queen Shiler

Queen Shiler in her throne in an unknown place in the jungle

In the last blog post I almost forgot that there was indeed another character I should introduce (or better, re-introduce) that is Queen Shiler.

It was one of the main characters of the first game and in this sequel you can romance her as Joshua. I know many asked for the possibility to romance her as Lisa too, but the game had already too many romances and besides the artist no longer works for me (so I couldn’t have made a proper romance CG anyway).

Let’s introduce Queen Shiler now.

Queen Shiler

Shiler is the Queen of the Marada, race which has a very peculiar quality: they have a ‘hive mind’, similar to that of bees. Shiler can see anything that happens on the planet through the eyes of those she calls “her daughters,” other Marada soldiers. Apparently, while the other Marada can act independently, they all follow the guidance of Shiler, the mechanics of which are still unclear to the humans so far…

In this sequel, you’ll learn that the Marada have other classes/roles besides soldiers like Shaman, Healer, etc. There is certainly more to the Marada, but I don’t want to spoil the story too much since depending on your choices, you’ll need to fight against them sooner or later.

Shiler is seen as a manipulative character, which she honestly is. However, she is also very mysterious since her reasons aren’t immediately clear, leading to Joshua/Lisa thinking that she is hiding many things.

If you sided as a Rebel in the first game, you’ll start with her ruling the colony Zero-One with Prince Cliff. If you were a Loyalist, you though you killed her during the first game, but that might not be entirely true…

As already mentioned, you can romance her playing as Joshua and it will be a weird relationship, leading to some interesting outcomes (which of course I can’t write here!)

Other games update

Jill has been testing a lot Corona Borealis in the past weeks and we’ve fixed several bugs already, we’re at very good point. At the same time, we started with the game trailer production.

Volleyball Heaven keeps going steady, and since some people recently asked, I also replaced Summer In Trigue writer (who sadly couldn’t keep working for some personal issues) to speed things up since that game is also on hiatus since too much time! There’s also a poll in my forums where I’m asking for feedback about the game art, check it here:

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Milo McKendry

Milo might lack discipline but he’ll be a good partner… in and out of the battlefield!

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day! I am running a small sale on until Sunday, check it here:

And now I’m introducing one of the new characters of the game and probably one that will become the most popular (at least speaking about the male characters). Actually, he might be the only new one I’m going to introduce! Yes, because the other new ones could be a bit of a spoiler of the game story (one in particular) so I haven’t made my mind yet if I’ll introduce them. I’m talking of course about Lakadema and… another one which his appearance alone might be a source of questions already! lol

Anyways, here we go introducing Milo McKendry!

Milo McKendry

Milo McKendry is a new character who will appear in Planet Stronghold 2. He comes directly from the Mars Military Academy and is a synth specialist ( synth encompasses things like synthetics, robots, androids and mechs).

Not much is known about him and his past, but his arrival doesn’t go unnoticed! He travels with this pet, Soot, an animal found on Mars which people call “dust bunnies”. He swears that Soot is harmless, however it’s not entirely true. Soot will give a hand on the battlefield and be a source of funny moments outside combat (especially when standing up to Rebecca, making her furious).

Milo’s personality is bizarre to say the least. He often uses humor to get through the most difficult moments, but he can be serious if the occasion demands it. However, don’t expect him to be serious and rational at the same time; you might be asking too much!

Milo is a bisexual romance, meaning he will be available both for Joshua and Lisa. Rumors say that there is something between Rebecca and Milo, and she might already know him before he arrived.  However, this will be discovered only by playing the actual game…

Progress Update

Planet Stronghold 2 development is going very well. As you might be aware I’m writing it myself (there’s no way such a complex, branching game could have been written by an external writer!) but I am of course using an editor to review everything. I think the result will be good.

See? Even Milo knows that this game will rock!

We’re also doing the last finishing touches to Corona Borealis, the secondary NPCs are all finished and the last missing background is being made right now!

A sketch of the three extra secondary characters for Corona Borealis

Meanwhile the script reviewing for Volleyball Heaven is still going. I am not talking much about that game recently, but no worries it’s still going! I am working a lot on Planet Stronghold 2 right now because in a couple of months I’ll need to do more house-renovating works that will last about one month, so I’ll be very busy during that month and for sure I won’t be able to work on a complex game like a RPG. But I might be able to script VBH instead!

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Michelle Lafleur

Michelle Lafleur

It’s no secret that Michelle Lafleur is not the most disciplined soldier. She prefers to be informal when talking to direct superiors, she frequently questions orders, and she is more likely to be found at a party than the training grounds.

So why is she still in the army, and more importantly on Nelson’s team? The reason is simple: she is naturally ambidextrous, dual-wielding pistols or submachine guns with deadly accuracy. Such ability is so rare that previous officers before Nelson turned a blind eye to her other problems.

Despite her natural talent, Michelle doesn’t really like to fight. She will always seek a peaceful solution over conflict. Even if she is very good at it, she doesn’t take any pleasure in killing other living creatures, even if they are aliens threatening her people.

Because of this, at the end of the first game she resigned from the army and lived in one of the new flourishing Maradan towns. She started to work as a bartender, the perfect job for her allowing her to socialize and meet new people.

Michelle was unsure about her sexuality until she broke-up with her last boyfriend Marcus. Since then, she realized that she only likes women. Playing as Lisa, it is possible to end up in a romance with her.

Progress Update

This will be my first RPG to feature a (very simple) automatic combat feature

Progress on Planet Stronghold 2 is going well! As you can see above, I added a completely new feature (for my games of course) that is, automatic combat. The AI is rather dumb (unfortunately I couldn’t re-use the enemy AI) but to be honest it’s very effective. I playtested several random encounters and if I equipped my team properly, I won most of the fights in Normal difficulty (of course not in the optimal way as if I had played it myself). Overall I think will be a useful feature, both for players but also for me during testing.

I’ve also added another difficulty setting option. Beside the overall difficulty, now you can also choose if the enemy levels will adapt to your party. It works like this: in each sector there will be fixed quests/battles and random encounters. Each encounter’s level is based on the sector. If a sector says levels 1-5 means that enemies will usually be within that range, except bosses.

You will be able to change this behavior in options if you want to increase the challenge:
– Default: the default, enemies will adapt to party but never higher than the sector max level
– Random Encounters: the random encounters ONLY, will adapt to your party level without restrictions (not the plot battles)
– All Battles: ALL the battles of the game will adapt to your party level without restrictions, including the plot battles

Needless to say, the latest option increases the difficulty significantly. I’d dare to say that the game is harder in Normal difficulty with this last option enabled, than in Nightmare with this option disabled, since as you can imagine if the enemy levels doesn’t scale the same way as yours, you can use grinding to get to the plot battles at higher level/better equipped.

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Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Damien Vargas

Damien Vargas

Damien Vargas was the leader of the so-called “Rebels”. Fighting for freedom against the evil Empire. Well, sort of. In reality, Damian was little more than a smuggler, trying to make a living during hard times by selling rare and stolen items on the black market.

When he got an offer he couldn’t refuse, he attacked the Planet Stronghold colony. However, he found out he was tricked. The same myserious people who offered him money to create total chaos ended up attacking the rebels too.

Because of this, he sought out Nelson and negotiated a truce with him/her, swearing to help in anyway he could. Nelson eventually learned that apparently Damian’s father and John Nelson were comrades-in-arms in a previous war on Planet Stronghold. Nelson doubted Damian’s words, but the rebel swears it’s true.

Playing as Lisa, you could end up in a romance with him. Despite Damien’s cynical and rude attitutde, a spark started between them. Is it only a physical attraction? Perhaps, but whenever the two are in the same room, they can’t stay separated.

After the war was over, Damien and several other rebels joined the colony and formed a new ‘Special Intelligence’ division, where their security and anti-espionage abilities would be put at good use.

Progress Update

You can now compare and equip the crafted items directly

Work is going well during this month, I added some extra features like the screen above, and I also coded a good amount of the 1st chapter. Like many other games of mine, even this game will be divided into four chapters, with the first being the demo. Of course, they’re not all the same length, so if you finish playing the demo of the first chapter doesn’t mean you’ve seen 25% of the whole game!

I also spoke with the writers of Corona Borealis and Volleyball Heaven, and they’re working on the latest bit of texts (mostly polishing or doing some extra date scenes). At the same time, we’re also producing the last bit of art, some secondary characters for Corona Borealis and several backgrounds for Volleyball Heaven.

Last but not least, I managed to update the Google Play version of Love Bites to add Ashley bonus character. As usual I had to delete a “very offensive image” (lol it was a scene with Nadia FULLY DRESSED, but somehow it was too much!) but only in the app page, so the game remains untouched. I have no estimates for Amazon or iOS versions sadly.

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Happy New Year and 2019 Goals

Happy New Year! Like every year I’m going to set myself some goals. Taking a look back at last year’s goals, I still have to finish Volleyball Heaven and Planet Stronghold 2, even if for this last one it was obvious I wouldn’t make in time last year.

I think it’s safe to say that unless I get hit by a bus or something, both games should be finished this year. Of course I’m also going to finish Corona Borealis since we’re at very good point.

I’m particularly curious to see how people will react to Corona Borealis in particular, since it’s going to be a “SMALL GAME” (albeit very polished!) for real this time. It will be shorter than my other games and will be priced accordingly (I haven’t made my mind yet about the price but it won’t be over $9.99 for sure).

Beside those 3 games, I might have some surprises, but even if I have some projects going on “in secret” (except for my Patreon supporters) my main goal in the next years will be to finish all the games I started, in particular Loren 2 and Undead Lily since are the oldest games I’ve announced that I still have to finish. I should also really be getting Summer In Trigue done though, luckily that’s not a RPG so I’m not involved directly into it.

Every year I keep saying that I would also do some “experimental games”, but I never find the time. I have an idea about a card/sim game that I think could be interesting, in this case it would have a really minor story since the focus would be mostly on the gameplay. I need to find the time to code it though. A good moment could be when I finish Planet Stronghold 2, since I’d need a break before jumping into coding Loren 2 straight.

Anyway we’ll see. Honestly I can’t wait to have both Loren 2 and Undead Lily finished, because I think it’s really bad, both for developers and also players, to have games in the works since so much time. It’s a mistake I’ll never repeat again in future, alongside to never make sequels (in particular keeping the same protagonists).

In summary I think a good release schedule could be:

  • first quarter 2019: finish Corona Borealis
  • second quarter 2019: finish Volleyball Heaven
  • before end of 2019: finish Planet Stronghold 2

However, like happened back in 2018 with Cursed Lands, I realized that if I can work uninterrupted on a game myself alone, I can make progress much faster, and the story and gameplay are much better integrated (obviously since I write as I code and viceversa). So PS2 estimate release might change greatly depending on various factors. It would be nice to have it in beta before the Summer!

Like every year, when this is about to end, will be fun to go back and see how things went vs how I planned it. There are going to be some surprises for sure.

Happy New Year!

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