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Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Vin & Haros

The latest blog post regarding Amber characters introduction talks about one of the hottest milf- ahem, one of the most skilled witch of Aravorn: Vin!

(Oh yes, there’s also Haros the master alchemist now that I look better at the picture)

I’m joking of course, but I really like Vin’s character design and I hope to have her as love interest or even main character in a possible future game 🙂

Vin found Amber as a baby in the woods surrounding her home. She chose to take in the child and raise her despite the obvious differences they had. As the years passed, she began to teach Amber about alchemy and potion brewing. Her adoptive daughter wanted to be a witch like her but Vin feared practicing Dark Magic might awaken the demon blood inside the girl so she refused.

When Amber turned sixteen, she decided it was time for Amber to focus on alchemy and remove the temptation of Dark Magic from her life. Although she would miss her daughter, Vin felt it was best that Amber moved to Icesilia and became Haros of Icesilia’s apprentice.

Famous throughout all of Aravorn, Haros of Icesilia is regarded as the third greatest alchemist in the world and an extremely accomplished magician. He takes on Amber as his apprentice at the request of his best friend Vin and brings the young Dark Elf into his home and laboratory. While not doing his own research, he spends much of his time teaching Amber or reproving his son for his pride.

When Amber becomes a full alchemist, he announces his retirement shortly after and moves into the Mage’s Guild to take up position as its leader. He is rarely seen after that, apparently too busy with his duties to see anyone but his son.

That was the latest introduction. I hope you liked the characters, and that you’ll enjoy the story of the game once it comes out 🙂

Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Thomas & Manuel

Since all the main characters were introduced, now it’s time to look at some secondary ones. They will still play an important role in the story. And they have their own pin-up CG too! 😉

Thomas is Ruby’s brother and a vampire just like her. When Ruby was first turned, she could not bear to be parted from him so she turned him against his will. He resented her at first for it but eventually came to accept it. 

He always got on well with his sister and spending eternity with her did not sound too bad after he thought about. Unlike her, however, he does not completely reject his vampiric nature, although he tries his best not to feed on men and women so as not to upset his sister.

Few people in Icesilia have not heard of Manuel, mostly because he spends most of his time telling everyone about himself. He is an adventurer and prominent in the Adventurer’s Guild despite his apparent inability to complete tough missions without help from his friend, Bernard.  

What he might lack in strength, however, is more than made up with his quickness of wit, his limitless charm and political acumen. That is not to say he is physically weak by any means, he is more than a match for most skilled warriors, but he is no legendary warrior and he will admit that if pressed.

Work on the game itself continues, but there’s still quite some work to do (in particular regarding the gameplay part, since the shop builder it’s not a small addition!). Anyways, still aiming at a beta release before Q1 ends (so before end of March).