Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Thomas & Manuel

Since all the main characters were introduced, now it’s time to look at some secondary ones. They will still play an important role in the story. And they have their own pin-up CG too! 😉

Thomas is Ruby’s brother and a vampire just like her. When Ruby was first turned, she could not bear to be parted from him so she turned him against his will. He resented her at first for it but eventually came to accept it. 

He always got on well with his sister and spending eternity with her did not sound too bad after he thought about. Unlike her, however, he does not completely reject his vampiric nature, although he tries his best not to feed on men and women so as not to upset his sister.

Few people in Icesilia have not heard of Manuel, mostly because he spends most of his time telling everyone about himself. He is an adventurer and prominent in the Adventurer’s Guild despite his apparent inability to complete tough missions without help from his friend, Bernard.  

What he might lack in strength, however, is more than made up with his quickness of wit, his limitless charm and political acumen. That is not to say he is physically weak by any means, he is more than a match for most skilled warriors, but he is no legendary warrior and he will admit that if pressed.

Work on the game itself continues, but there’s still quite some work to do (in particular regarding the gameplay part, since the shop builder it’s not a small addition!). Anyways, still aiming at a beta release before Q1 ends (so before end of March).

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4 Responses to Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Thomas & Manuel

  1. Bob The Mob says:

    Whaaaaa, when will we finally hear about Vin??? :_(

    No seriously: these two both seem pretty cool, esp. Tom w/ his Vampiric nature and not completely rejecting it the way his sis does. Can’t help but wonder if that will lead to some quarrels or worse down the line… (Would like to believe such won’t happen, but given how ya’ve said yourself the game will be very dark at times…)

    • admin says:

      Vin and Haros will be the last character introduction, next blog post 🙂
      As for what is going to happen… well! 😀 people get easily killed in this game, but only at the endings. You can still pick a happy ending (more or less) for each character though!

      • Bob The Mob says:

        One more question (sorry!): ya said “happy ending (more or less)”–that sounds slightly ominous… Or am I just overthinking this?

        Unless that’s a secret; if so, my apologies.

        • admin says:

          Just meant that some happy endings aren’t happy as the others, but at least nobody dies in there 😀
          Anyway, I made plenty of happy ending games, and this one is much darker, so I needed to keep the overall mood 🙂

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