Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Vin & Haros

The latest blog post regarding Amber characters introduction talks about one of the hottest milf- ahem, one of the most skilled witch of Aravorn: Vin!

(Oh yes, there’s also Haros the master alchemist now that I look better at the picture)

I’m joking of course, but I really like Vin’s character design and I hope to have her as love interest or even main character in a possible future game 🙂

Vin found Amber as a baby in the woods surrounding her home. She chose to take in the child and raise her despite the obvious differences they had. As the years passed, she began to teach Amber about alchemy and potion brewing. Her adoptive daughter wanted to be a witch like her but Vin feared practicing Dark Magic might awaken the demon blood inside the girl so she refused.

When Amber turned sixteen, she decided it was time for Amber to focus on alchemy and remove the temptation of Dark Magic from her life. Although she would miss her daughter, Vin felt it was best that Amber moved to Icesilia and became Haros of Icesilia’s apprentice.

Famous throughout all of Aravorn, Haros of Icesilia is regarded as the third greatest alchemist in the world and an extremely accomplished magician. He takes on Amber as his apprentice at the request of his best friend Vin and brings the young Dark Elf into his home and laboratory. While not doing his own research, he spends much of his time teaching Amber or reproving his son for his pride.

When Amber becomes a full alchemist, he announces his retirement shortly after and moves into the Mage’s Guild to take up position as its leader. He is rarely seen after that, apparently too busy with his duties to see anyone but his son.

That was the latest introduction. I hope you liked the characters, and that you’ll enjoy the story of the game once it comes out 🙂

1 thought on “Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Vin & Haros

  1. Bob The Mob

    About damn time we hear about the hottest character in the game! And the idea of her as a romance interest (MUST be available to guys) or even a playable character OWNS!!! 😀

    …Oh, yeah, it’s cool to learn about Haros, too. Lol.

    Seriously though: I don’t get the whole thing w/ Vin being worried Amber would become evil if she learned Dark Magic due to her blood; I would’ve imagined that by that point Demon blood would be all but completely gone from Dark Elves since countless generations had passed since the pact was first made–Tobaar even said in LtAP that it was extremely diluted and this takes place over a decade after that. ?:(

    Also, Haros is said to be the 3rd greatest alchemist–who would be #2, then? (Since I would guess Apolimesho is #1.)


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