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Another one joining us!

I read on indiegamer forum the “sad” news of my friend Cliff being fired from his daily job. That sucked for him I suppose, but I am glad that someone as talented as him now joined the indie developers world. … Continue reading

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The importance of forums

I was talking with Emmanuel (funpause owner) yesterday about the importance of having a forum. He objected that since he makes prevalently casual games, he thinks that his customers would find a forum quite useless. Instead for software houses like … Continue reading

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Arghh I'm Everquest 2 addicted!!

Yes it happened again!!! I can’t stop playing it!! the improvements over the previous game are incredible!! even if is more difficult to play. The shards thing is quite annoying to be honest, I kept dying in a zone called … Continue reading

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Guild Wars vs Everquest 2!

After finishing my new game Magic Stones I took a break and started to play both Guild Wars and EQ2. I was scared because I know they are very addictive for a roleplay-lover like me, but anyway I decided to … Continue reading

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Had tough days lately, with the release of Magic Stones and … cats. Is really hard to mantain concentration while 4-5 cats roam freely through the house, jumping, screaming, crashing things. My girlfriend just don’t understand how is hard to … Continue reading

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