Guild Wars vs Everquest 2!

After finishing my new game Magic Stones I took a break and started to play both Guild Wars and EQ2. I was scared because I know they are very addictive for a roleplay-lover like me, but anyway I decided to try.
Is fun because I bought Guild Wars after trying a free-10 hours trial from ATI website. Found the game very cool and though “wow no monthly fee!”
BUT.. after playing it for a while – how boring. At least compared to EQ2 !
The worst thing of Guildwars is that every time you start a mission the mosters respawn all. So you have to fight your way again into several monsters, worth almost no experience to a group. Waste of time 🙁
On the other hand, EQ2 rulez. Really, is a impressive improvement over the old good EQ (I played it for 3 years).
The only problem is that has very high requirements… at least, on my “OLD” Athlon 1.6Ghz, 512m RAM and Radeon 9000, runs slow as hell, while Guild Wars was much more playable… 🙁

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  1. Mesarim says:

    As a guild wars player, and ex planetside, swg, daoc, eq player, I can’t say I entirely agree with you. The experience achieved in the low levels of guild wars may not seem like much, but you can level up to the maximum level in a fairly short time. The point I’m making is that the experience points are not as important as they may seem, it’s more about the missions and quests and solving those puzzles. Eventually you may make it to the end of the game, but in January the new expansion is out, adding even more content. Also, you will find that items and armor and pvp hold much more interest in the game, and the hunt for the elite skills makes the game even more interesting.

  2. Jack Norton says:

    Well the problem for me is having to start from beginning each mission. Is boring have to pass through the same path, same monsters, etc EVERY TIME I start a mission…
    Also I got from a player the Fiery Blade of something (can’t remember the name) and he said that’s the Max Weapon for Sword category.
    This sucks, because one of the most interesting thing of MMORPG (for me of course) is discovering new items, weapons, spells, etc.
    I didn’t play much the pvp part, so maybe I’m missing most of the fun from it.
    Anyway Guild Wars is a cool game, but IMHO EQ2 seems better…

  3. Mesarim says:

    Entirely fair, I also get bored with repetitive mobs. The early missions are a bit on the boring side, but once you leave ascalon, there is a world of quests and missions that being in a group helps a lot with. On a side note, you are now the owner of a max damage fiery sword of (something). But, don’t be put off just because it’s a max damage, realize that just because that is as hard as it will hit, it is not the best item of the game. There are named items, there are perfect items and there are rare items, all max dmg, but each with different qualities and characteristics. Each customizable to you, and upgradable in some shape or fashion. I guess that my more “positive” approach to GW vs EQ2 is because of the much simpler approach. Item searching, skill hunting, purchasing the better armor or the good looking stuff, or even pvp, has made the game more enjoyable to me. With all due respect to all the other mmorpgs, this is the first one that balances the amount of brain cells I want to use versus the amount of fun I am actually getting. I do hope you find some time to explore also guilds and finding some more people that can make the game more enjoyable to you. So to recap, there are more skills, spells, and items to be found than you initially thought, and you can later (spoiler) change your secondary profession to achieve even more.

  4. Mesarim says:

    OMG, how long was that??? soz…

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