Had tough days lately, with the release of Magic Stones and … cats. Is really hard to mantain concentration while 4-5 cats roam freely through the house, jumping, screaming, crashing things.
My girlfriend just don’t understand how is hard to mantain concentration and work in such conditions. She wants to help the cats because they’re ill, weak, outside is cold, etc. But I suppose we need money to live (and to feed the cats).
How I am supposed to get money without working? this sucks, when you work at home people think that you’re always no holidays doing nothing.
Is a really common thing, other developers told me that they have same problem, maybe not with cat but with kids or simply their wife.
Instead of being grateful that we can stay together, girlfriends and wives usually break our balls. Is so hard to find someone who understand you completely! not that in this particular case is so difficult…hope things will get better.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For the record Jack, my wife seems to react the same way. When I confront her about it she claims she knows I am working… yet usually once a day she asks me to do some weird activity (not sex, more like “go get groceries”) and seems to take offense when I tell her I am in the middle of a work day and can’t just go get groceries on a whim.

    *sigh* I hope she gets a job soon. I don’t know how much longer I can take it.

    -Joe Lieberman

  2. Jack Norton says:

    Hehe indeed. Is something they just DON’T understand.
    Now with my gf is better, to be honest she does all the housework etc.
    Maybe saying to her “if you want to live here, away from city and pollution, in a sort of garden of eden, you better hope I can continue on my activity” worked? 😀

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