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Summer In Trigue release and October update

September was a very intense month for me, between At Your Feet Steam release, Love Notes Kickstarter and Summer In Trigue beta. So let’s see what’s the current situation.

Love Notes Kickstarter

I’ll try my best to add Kasumi romance anyway!

Hi everyone, first of all thanks to everyone who backed my Love Notes Kickstarter. It ended up at 6.576 €, so very close to the Kasumi stretch goal of 7000 €. As I already posted in the Kickstarter update, I might still add Kasumi romance in the end. More info coming next month!

Even if the result was only little more than At Your Feet, the game has no adult content, and as probably everyone knows, that’s a big negative bonus nowadays. So all things considered it did much better than I thought. Also, I think of screwed up a bit by setting the original four theme songs stretch goal – obviously, people who plays this kind of games are more interested in extra romances, art, writing. Music is nice but it’s still a secondary thing, even for a game featuring a music band.

But you see, Kickstarter (crowdfunding) is good also for this: imagine if I didn’t do the KS and thought that was a good idea to do 4 music tracks. I would have spent a lot of money for something that only a very small minority would have liked! So, Kickstarter in a way is also a system to test the waters, to see what the paying customers (and not vocal minorities) really want. It’s really an essential tool for indies to survive in such a very competitive world as today.

Summer In Trigue is out

Alex romance scene is very… hot 😛

After a week of heavy testing, I’m confident enough to release the version 1.0 of the game. The last update was only about typos and there haven’t been reports of crashes or plot holes since 3-4 days.

The game is going to take part in Steam Fest, so there will be a (slightly) outdated demo available during the event. And then the Steam release should happen shortly after, around the 20th October. I know, not the ideal time to release a game, but in the end with all the sales, new releases, promos, etc it’s NEVER a good time to release a new game on Steam! lol


It’s only out since a month, but I was pleasantly surprised by At Your Feet sales so far, especially on Steam. I’ll probably do a full postmortem later, after 6 months or 1 year has passed. But for now, I can say that it exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy about that!

in the status screen you can see all heroes exclusive cards

And now, going back to work to see if I can finally have a beta demo of Curse Of Mantras before the end of year 🙂