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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 bugs

It’s a while I’m not talking about other games, so today took a break from working to write a post about PES 2008. Unfortunately isn’t really a positive post… despite being overall a good soccer game, with the usual realism, it has one BIG problem… no, not the graphics everyone seems to complain about, but the crashing bugs it has!

As of today I started already 3 master league and wasn’t able to finish one season with any of them!!! it’s incredible. All season stops after several matches (seems random, appearing after 9-10 matches, about in the middle of season).

You play a match and after the first half ends, once you click to start the 2nd half the game crashes and quits on the desktop! (I’m playing the Pc version of course).

It’s really incredible that Konami has released such a bugged game. I’ve tried with 2 different pc with all different components (an Intel with ATI card, an AMD Sempron with Nvidia card). On both configurations, same result: that crash after first half.

If I reload the savegame and try again, nothing – the crash remains on that particular match.

Of course, I have the original game – but I’m quite pissed about this and probably next year won’t buy the game, if they keep releasing it without a proper testing…!!! 🙁

EDIT: ok so I found the problem… if you play in another language (at least that was my case, playing in italian language) you won’t be able to play in master league mode! I solved it switching back to english, not a problem for me, but this doesn’t mean that the game was properly tested anyway 🙂