Monthly Archives: November 2008

New Spirited Heart screenshot and more

Character sheetThe character creation of Spirited Heart, my new RPG casual game, is going quite well. You can see a screenshot on the side showing the character sheet (note: some skills might not be final yet).

Of course, no absolete dice rolling! But rather a sort of interactive creation. You choose your starting race from human, elf, demon. Then you choose the starting situation which also reflect the social class: peasant (poor), artist (middle), general (military) and nobleman (rich).

Each starting situation will affect certain skills and starting money as well. Then, there will be some “key moments” of your childhood (the real game starts when you’re 18). Those key moments are particular situation where you’ll have to make a decision picking from 2 or more choices. Each choice will result in a change of some of your skills.

Recently I’ve also been thinking to do sequels of my other two games, Summer Session and Heileen. I have already lots of ideas for possible sequels, including new/old character and some new features, in particular for Heileen, to add a bit more strategy to the game. But first I need to finish Spirited Heart and a couple more projects I’m working on! 🙂