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Happy Easter

a relaxing image of a sunset on the Mediterranean Sea I took several years ago 🙂 Happy Easter to everyone! Hope you’ll have a peaceful and relaxing time with your family/beloved ones! First of all you can celebrate with a … Continue reading

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Progress update

First of all, I redid my website layout, I think is much better and functional than the previous one (the shopping cart layout needs to be updated but don’t worry, it works fine and is safe!). Second, the big update … Continue reading

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Planet Stronghold deluxe version available

I know many people after last week post are eagerly awaiting Bionic Heart 2 release. I asked Aleema to take care of it, since I was really burned out from weeks of continuous testing. I’m sure she’ll do a good … Continue reading

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Making wrong choices

I wish I had someone like Tanya to help me out, because I would really need it. Today I hoped to announce Bionic Heart 2 beta testing. After two months of coding/testing, would be about time! Instead no. I have … Continue reading

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Bionic Heart 2 preorders open

Bionic Heart 2 update… Good news, after months of hard work Bionic Heart 2 is almost finished! I am coding the endings in those days, and doing some extra testing because the game has so many paths that I want … Continue reading

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