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Goodbye Otello

He was very sick (renal issues) since over 1 year, so this wasn’t a sudden loss. We already knew it, even if when the time comes to put a beloved pet to sleep, it’s always a hard choice.

Otello was one of my favorite cats (though I love them all), indeed he appeared in my game “Bionic Heart” back in 2008. Like in my other games, he could talk directly to the player. In one scene, Tanya (the female android, one of the main characters of that game) pets Otello (in the game I used the English variant “Othello”) saying he is a lucky cat, and Otello promptly replies with “Me? Indeed, modestly, I can’t complain about my life…”

And this is what comforts me mostly in this very sad moment: knowing that, even if he’s no longer with us, he was lucky and he lived a good life, surrounded by our love.

Goodbye, Otello



It’s absurd that so soon I have to mourn the loss of another cat, but here we go… Gilda was a very beautiful cat, one of those that could win prizes. She was fluffy and sweet, and my most photographed cat. We found her dead near the road nearby yesterday. It still doesn’t seem real to me, I will need some time to accept the fact that I won’t be able to see her happily jumping around me anymore 🙁

A short update

As you can imagine I’m not really in the mood to write a normal blog post. Some random news:

  • Next week, on Thursday, SOTW will be on Steam.
  • Speaking of SOTW, the DLC is coming along nicely (just the plot for now). A lot of romance interactions depending who you romanced, and some interesting minigames
  • Regarding PSCD I’ve made a test with the “over the shoulder” view, and despite some people not liking it for various reasons, I think looks good so might use it in the final game
  • I’ve updated all the Android versions of my games, should fix random crashes and in-app purchases bugs
  • work on the other games in progress continues. Next week will have the first Summer In Trigue character introduction, Grace


Goodbye dear friend

My cat Batman, from when he was a kitty until recent days

It has been less than a year since I had to write about one of my beloved pet’s death, that here I am again 🙁 The black cat you see above was Batman, we called him like that because of his profile with the pointed ears!

I am not going to lie: I’m very, very sad. Not all cats are the same, this one was particularly smart, playful, and he used to pay me a visit at least once a day to my office (upstairs). It was surely one of my favorite cats!

Even this time, we waited and hoped until the last day that he could make it. Last Sunday, after brushing him in the morning, he was purring and looked happy like always, even if I knew he wasn’t OK. He wasn’t eating since three days and not drinking since almost two. Then as usual he went for a walk in the woods nearby, finding the energy I don’t know where. But when he came home that evening, he was clearly in pain, so I had to take the hard decision 🙁

I’ll miss you, Batman.

p.s. he was the cat that is supposed to be in the Heileen series. For obvious reasons I couldn’t call him Batman in the game too! But it was him. I know he’ll live forever in my games.

Once again, the show must go on: Seasons Of The Wolf Act 3 beta

Even if I’m working slower than usual, this week I also started SOTW act 3 beta! So far things are going well, with help of forum testers I’ve fixed already a great amount of bugs. Also, in this act you can do all the romance talks and unlock the romance CGs! (There are still more CGs for the ending in act4 though)

All the romance dialogues take place in Rowinda’s bathhouse. An appropriate place 😉

There is only act4 left, and if things go well might be ready for end of month, though is more likely mid-November. I am still waiting for some missing art (a few tilesets also for act3) but the main story and coding is already complete.

2014: New Year Plan

My cat Mirtillo sleeping in an unusual way 😀

2014! Happy New Year!

I’m going to change completely my way of working. From now on, I’ll only make games in my native language, Italian.

Heh, good joke uh? 😀

The real plan

OK jokes apart the real plan is:

1) Release Loren on Steam. This is going to happen soon ! Took a bit of time to the coder to implement the achievements on all the OSes, but now everything works. The DLC Castle Of N’Mar will also be released, a few days later.
2) Finish Roommates. The game is long and the writer Michael tested it a lot, but I really think the best solution is start the preorders and the public beta testing, this way thanks to the awesome users in my forums the testing will go much faster. In the next weeks will fix all the issues found and code the scheduler, which will be similar to Flower Shop one.
3) Finish Nicole Yuri version – though this mainly depends on the writer to be honest 🙂 my job in this case will be to motivate her!
4) Release another otome game that for now I’m still keeping “under the hood”, but that I’ll announce in the first months of this year.
5) And of course, finish Seasons Of The Wolf and Planet Stronghold 2. Both games are quite big, but this time I shouldn’t be distracted by other things and will make sure to motivate and help the writer and coder appropriately 😉
6) At this point we will probably be in late 2014. Depending on the situation, either start working on Spirited Heart 2, Undead Lily, Loren 2 or something else. In this case is impossible to make any kind of prediction since there are too many factors and people involved.

Better integration with the story

Looking back at past year, one thing I didn’t do properly was to support the writers more. This doesn’t mean telling them exactly what to write line by line, but (for those who needed/wanted it of course) be more involved in the process as they write.

Some writers are happy to work on their own at their own pace with minimum need of my support/feedback: but in any case I need to check what they do to make sure that the final product reflects my vision and most importantly players’ expectations, and that works with gameplay.

And also I need to integrate the story more with the gameplay, though probably this can be done only by planning better the whole thing from start and writing a good amount of draft/storyboards myself, so will need more time for this.

Always Remember Me on

If you missed my Christmas sale, you can still get a good deal for my game Always Remember Me at! Expires in the next 2 days (approximately, there’s a counter on the site).

I have many other interesting things going on in the next weeks, stay tuned 😉

The Show Must Go On


As you probably know already if you follow me on the social networks, last Monday had to take one of the toughest decisions so far of my life, put to sleep my cat Leon who was sick since 2 weeks without hopes of recovering.

It was a very sad moment, but I forced myself to think that without my help, that cat would have lived a much shorter life. He was 8 years old, and is one of the many I rescued time ago.

an image of Leon a few weeks after I found him, as you can see from the mucus coming out of his nose he was quite sick

If I was able to take care of him for all those years, paying for his food and the medical cures, was also thanks to people who buy my games. Thank you! 🙂

The Show Must Go On

I want to think about positive things now. The show must go on, and there’s nothing better than some scenes from my upcoming comedy title Roommates to cheer me up!

roommates01Isabella giving life lessons to (poor) Anne
roommates02Dominic seems slightly annoyed at Isabella…
roommates03Rakesh should really follow Anne’s advice…!

I don’t know yet the exact release date of the game but shouldn’t take much longer, first quarter of 2014 for sure! Stay tuned for more news on the next games in the coming weeks.