Goodbye Otello

He was very sick (renal issues) since over 1 year, so this wasn’t a sudden loss. We already knew it, even if when the time comes to put a beloved pet to sleep, it’s always a hard choice.

Otello was one of my favorite cats (though I love them all), indeed he appeared in my game “Bionic Heart” back in 2008. Like in my other games, he could talk directly to the player. In one scene, Tanya (the female android, one of the main characters of that game) pets Otello (in the game I used the English variant “Othello”) saying he is a lucky cat, and Otello promptly replies with “Me? Indeed, modestly, I can’t complain about my life…”

And this is what comforts me mostly in this very sad moment: knowing that, even if he’s no longer with us, he was lucky and he lived a good life, surrounded by our love.

Goodbye, Otello

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6 Responses to Goodbye Otello

  1. Missy says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  2. nolwenn says:

    So sorry for your cat !!!
    I lost my cat 5 years ago ans last year I adopted a new kitten.

    I hope a day you will adopt a new cat…..

    Be strong !

  3. qorl says:

    Oh, sorry to hear that :/ We recently lost a couple pets too, always feels awful.

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