Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Rebecca Fox

Fun fact: Rebecca was the first character I commissioned for this game back in 2010, after Lisa. Originally the game didn’t have a playable male protagonist, Joshua was named “Gunnar” and was a secondary NPC! Then after some feedback I decided also to add a male protagonist (Planet Stronghold 1 was my first game to feature both a male and female playable character).

Rebecca Fox

Rebecca Fox is considered to be the best scout/sharpshooter of Planet Stronghold even if Philipp might disagree. Despite what one might expect, she doesn’t come from a family with a military background. Her lineage contains famous journalists, actresses, models — nothing to do with shooting targets with deadly accuracy from long range.

Rebecca Fox is very competitive, and spends a lot of time in the gym training and honing her skills. She often encourages others to do so as well, offering to train them. She is not stupid, but sometimes she rushes into battle or takes risks that she would normally avoid trying to impress her companions and reassure herself about her abilities.

She can be quite bold, ignoring the chain of command to speak her mind. However she has never disobeyed a direct order; even when she broke up with Tom Shatz and he was her commander, she never let personal feelings endanger her companions.

Rebecca is a very confident woman, and doesn’t restrain herself from showing off her body. After all those hours spent in the gym, it would be a pity to not show the results, though in matters of love, her aggressiveness has often intimidated more than one man from getting closer.

Rebecca’s sister, Cassidy, was in the army as a field medic but was killed years ago by aliens. While Rebecca doesn’t unconditionally hate all aliens (at least not as much as Philipp does), her sister’s death left a deep mark on her, leading her to distrust most aliens, possibly more so with especially manipulative ones like Queen Shiler.

Meanwhile, work on the game continues. I basically finished the crafting system, I’ll talk about it in details maybe in a future post, but the most interesting feature is the possibility to upgrade the Rare/Legendary items, so if you are attached to a specific item you can keep using it until the end of the game (assuming you find enough resources for the upgrade process!)

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2 Responses to Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Rebecca Fox

  1. Ernst Gilch says:

    Love that picture. Hope its included as a wallpaper with the release.
    Who actually is your favourite character from the PS cast?

    • admin says:

      From the original, my favorite are Shiler and Rumi, but as fun as it is, I also like Philipp 😀
      In the sequel my favorite is probably going to be Lakadema.

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