Monthly Archives: March 2006

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion on the way…

Yes finally after reading some enthusiast reviews I decided to order my copy of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, the latest chapter of the Elder Scroll saga by Bethesda. Sigh I still remember playing the great Daggerfall long time ago with my 486DX2 (those were the DOS times, not even windows 95!).
Anyway I can’t wait to play it… seems very promising. I just hope I won’t need a new pc to play it…! 🙁

casual game generator!

was too fun reading a post in indiegamer forums made by the friends at Sakura Games they announced a sort of casual game name generator online! you can check it here if you want to have some fun:

that one is better than the Kasual Kit joke…! 🙂

no game made is "easy"

Was fun reading on indiegamer forums the usual newbie talking about the game made with RPG Maker XP, Aveyond, defining it as “easy money”.
I think that is one of the biggest offenses you can do to a developer. I know, before I was like him when first I saw the various casual games “bah crap games” I thought.
“I can make one in 1 month” and so on. I know because I was thinking that myself too.
THEN when I started trying seriously to make them… oh well! even if you use a middleware solution, is still quite HARD to come up with an interesting story, and bugs can be present even using a script system (like plot holes or worse blocks so you are stuck and can’t go on anymore).
So only because someone used a toolkit or a gamemaker tool, don’t think is “EASY”. Nothing is easy as it seems 🙂

New european server

I’ve recently replaced my old hosting for .net domain with a new (faster) european server, so all people from europe will be able to download faster!
I’m think of adding a ip detection on download page so it automatically download from this one if you come from a european country…

Ice Queen expansion officially released

So finally this weekend was able to release the Ice Queen expansion for Magic Stones. The amount of help I got from testers and users was enourmous and wouldn’t have been able to finish it so shortly (yes, such updates takes lot of time, since basically I changed completely the fight system).
Anyway if you’re curious to see the new changes, head to the game page right now!