Monthly Archives: June 2008

What you'll see in next Supernova 2 update

No isn’t out yet, I’m working on it. I don’t think will manage to include the Skirmish Mode in this update because if you take a look at the list below, you can see it is already a HUGE update (will change the game completely, hopefully in better way!).

What you’ll see in version 1.0.3

  • added new random unique technologies like Timeshift and Psionic weapons or Cloning Centers
  • added “Ship Customization” screen where you’ll be able to create custom ship blueprints modifying an existing one: each device now require a certain amount of space, but the possible custom combinations are thousands
  • added the “Event Summary” screen where you can see a log of all the in-game events, from turn 0 until the end
  • added a real-time turn option during the game macromanagement part, so that time advances automatically without you having to press end turn

Not bad eh? :p probably the biggest update I’ve ever done to any of my games. I was undecided if to finish first my other game Planet Stronghold but I decided to upgrade Supernova 2 since now I am still “fresh” of coding it… a few months later and would have been much more difficult to do.

Estimate release date… don’t know, I hope end of this month, at least the BETA 🙂

How to lose a potential customer: phone verifications

Yesterday wanted to advertise my games (old and new ones as well), so thought to try those blog advertising services.

I had already used their services in the past, and must say that got some positive review and traffic from the posts. So yesterday wanted to buy more ads, and went to one of the 3. Unfortunately, even if I had previously bought lot of posts from them (over $500 value), they decided that I couldn’t buy anymore if I didn’t call them by phone (of course a USA number) to verify my credit card info! (big cheer sound)

Of course, being european, I am not surely going to call someone in USA to verify my CC info. Also, what they need to verify? they expect me to tell my CC number over the phone? no thanks, is much safer to use the web! 😐

So they lost a potential good customer for a totally useless anti-fraud system (expecially in this case since I already bought several stuff from them before). No problem, I’ll go with the other 2 who aren’t so dumb to use such system (they even let me use Paypal actually!). I’m not saying which one of the 3 is, but is enough to browse their sites to find out… 😉

Planet Stronghold: Isomap

isometric view

The image above (click to enlarge) shows the town screen of Planet Stronghold. The fight itself won’t be in isometric, since I would need to rewrite / adapt the Supernova 2 engine, but I’ve added this town isometric map because I’ve in mind an interesting mix of town building and tower defense… more info coming soon! 😉