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Supernova 2:Spacewar awarded!

Yes, the indie game website Gametunnel, in its popular Indie Games Of The Year awards, included my Supernova 2: Spacewar into the top5 simulation games of the year. While I think my game is more a wargame or a strategy game than a simulation, I’m still proud of have it included among the bests indie games of this year, also looking at the tough competition.

On the development side, some good news: Spirited Heart is going very well, though I think I won’t include a combat sub-game in it (I’m still not sure about that). But the characte generation is done, and also the status screen with all the various game options: Work, Study/Train, Relax, Relationship and Check Status.

It will be a weird game I think. Similar to Cute Knight, but without the dungeon part, and with a slightly different gameplay mechanic. I am also thinking to ask Hanako’s programmer to license the use the dungeon-crawler engine he used in that game, so I finally could resume working on Tower Of Destiny, which is in hiatus-mode since 2005! :/

Anyway for now I’m concentrating on Spirited Heart and 3 more “mysterious games” that will be released during next year. I don’t want to disclose too much, but each game can be described with a word: Poker, Robot and Flower.

Supernova 2 update officially released and plans for future

So yesterday officially released Supernova 2 update. Got a good response so far, and I’m very proud of the result, everyone agrees that the game now is much more enjoyable.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about take a minute to download the free demo here.

About my future plans… honestly I’m a bit burned out 😀 I think will take a rest for a while. I like the result I got with Summer Session, so I could work on its sequel, or do more adventure games, with more serious themes. At the same time I’ll try to make some progress with my other games, however for the whole moth of August I’m taking sort of a break from intensive working.

My plan is to do lots of excursions nearby to admire the wonderful lanscapes around my house 🙂 I’ll probably resume working at full-speed this autumn.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Supernova 2: version 1.0.3 is here!

I’m very proud to announce that the BETA version 1.0.3 of Supernova 2 is ready to be tested 🙂 I tested it myself for some days and seems to work fine, but as always, I prefer to be sure before releasing it officially… so if you have already bought the game, you can start playing with the ship customization, or check the new statistics screens, or play in the brand new Skirmish Mode (full speed into battles!).

If you haven’t bought it yet… what are you waiting for !? try the new, longer demo, that will let you try the game for more time than before, with less limitations.

BETA version game download links: (Pc version) (Mac version)

Supernova 2: custom ships!

the new custom ship screen!I’m getting excited… I’m programming in these days the Custom Ship screen of Supernova 2, and it’s going to rule 😀

I’ve changed so much in this last update (still in the works) that the game seems almost another game! or better, can still be played like before, but if you enable both Real-Time Turns in management part and the Skirmish Mode, it feels and plays like a completely different game!

Unfortunately I won’t have the time to put the Global Random Events into the next 1.0.3 release yet… but I hope you’ll understand: as it is, is already the biggest update I’ve ever done for any of my games in terms of change of gameplay, new features and enhanced playability (the only other big update I can compare with was when I added the Quest Mode for Magic Stones).

I was very motivated because I got some very bad reviews from people that compared S2 to the classic famous 4X games… the problem is that Supernova 2 is NOT, and NEVER WAS, an attempt to surpass giants like Galciv2 and such. It is a wargame, a classic wargame with good (I hope) rules and units, with a more deep simulation behind it than the usual ones.

Anyway, a pity they reviewed my game in version 1.0.2. I’m sure if they would play the new update that I’ll release probably next week, they would change their mind…yes, I’ve changed also the click sound and the main menu music! 😀

What you'll see in next Supernova 2 update

No isn’t out yet, I’m working on it. I don’t think will manage to include the Skirmish Mode in this update because if you take a look at the list below, you can see it is already a HUGE update (will change the game completely, hopefully in better way!).

What you’ll see in version 1.0.3

  • added new random unique technologies like Timeshift and Psionic weapons or Cloning Centers
  • added “Ship Customization” screen where you’ll be able to create custom ship blueprints modifying an existing one: each device now require a certain amount of space, but the possible custom combinations are thousands
  • added the “Event Summary” screen where you can see a log of all the in-game events, from turn 0 until the end
  • added a real-time turn option during the game macromanagement part, so that time advances automatically without you having to press end turn

Not bad eh? :p probably the biggest update I’ve ever done to any of my games. I was undecided if to finish first my other game Planet Stronghold but I decided to upgrade Supernova 2 since now I am still “fresh” of coding it… a few months later and would have been much more difficult to do.

Estimate release date… don’t know, I hope end of this month, at least the BETA 🙂