Supernova 2: custom ships!

the new custom ship screen!I’m getting excited… I’m programming in these days the Custom Ship screen of Supernova 2, and it’s going to rule 😀

I’ve changed so much in this last update (still in the works) that the game seems almost another game! or better, can still be played like before, but if you enable both Real-Time Turns in management part and the Skirmish Mode, it feels and plays like a completely different game!

Unfortunately I won’t have the time to put the Global Random Events into the next 1.0.3 release yet… but I hope you’ll understand: as it is, is already the biggest update I’ve ever done for any of my games in terms of change of gameplay, new features and enhanced playability (the only other big update I can compare with was when I added the Quest Mode for Magic Stones).

I was very motivated because I got some very bad reviews from people that compared S2 to the classic famous 4X games… the problem is that Supernova 2 is NOT, and NEVER WAS, an attempt to surpass giants like Galciv2 and such. It is a wargame, a classic wargame with good (I hope) rules and units, with a more deep simulation behind it than the usual ones.

Anyway, a pity they reviewed my game in version 1.0.2. I’m sure if they would play the new update that I’ll release probably next week, they would change their mind…yes, I’ve changed also the click sound and the main menu music! 😀

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