A fun diversive: Summer Session

I’ve recently published a game made in collaboration with Hanako Games, called “Summer Session”. It is quite different from my “usual” games, but I was always open-minded and willing to experiment, so when I found a very good manga artist (Rebecca Gunter) and a great writer (the girl who runs Hanako website), I decided to give it a try. It is of the genre of “dating sim”, a sort of adventure game in which you have to try to date out other girls, everything presented in a fun way.

When I played the first alpha, I was already excited because the game was exactly has I had in mind: a fun, relaxing game, with multiple endings so that you could replay it several times, and a small “simulation” part in it (when you have to decide your weekly schedule).

You can download the game for Mac and Pc (a Linux version is also available and will put online soon) in the adventure games section of my site Tycoon Games. Below a few screenshots of the game itself:

your secret diary karl in computers room

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