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Numbers, numbers and formulas…

In the picture above, Batman looks broken. In reality, he was sleeping since hours… What’s about the numbers? Well, not many people know what’s behind a game. It’s much more complex than what you think. That is, if you do … Continue reading

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Fantasy or reality?

In the image above, my dog Artù (italian name for Arthur) watching my dwarf rabbit Cleo in the garden. As those who follows me on twitter might know, I’m currently writing the scenes for Heileen 3. Initially I did a … Continue reading

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Three years ago…

In the image above, my cat Otello looks broken! (in reality he’s just sleeping peacefully) Three years have passed since I released my first manga game, the dating sim Summer Session, made in collaboration with Hanako Games. It was July … Continue reading

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One RPG a year keeps the doctor away

In the photo above my cat Grillo sleeping deeply with a stuffed toy near him 🙂 Now you might wonder why I picked that title for my post? As you know I’ve always worked on many games at once, as … Continue reading

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Spirited Heart Girl’s Love is out!

Spirited Heart Girl’s Love is finally out! Well, to be honest since I started this project only about 3 months passed, but seems an eternity…! I’m really pleased by the result, each girl has a very different personality, goals, and … Continue reading

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