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Volleyball Heaven officially out and some more news

the game official trailer

As you probably already know by now, Volleyball Heaven is officially out. You can get it either on itchio:

Or Steam (you need to have adult content enabled to see it):

Sadly we couldn’t make it censored+DLC patch on Steam, since they told us that the game was too explicit even in texts (I think it also depends on who of Steam staff reviews it). Anyways after resubmitting twice, I decided was pointless to try to censor it when it was a game clearly made to be adult only.

What’s Next?

You might wonder what I’m working on now. As usual I am doing many projects at once, some announced and some not, so let’s see.

Curse Of Mantras (ex Undead Lily)

the various heroes “homes” and the castle of Mantras in all their splendor!

I finished doing the storyboards of almost all Curse Of Mantras characters, and it wasn’t an easy task believe me! Because each story has two different endings with a plot twist, and without spoiling it too much, one is the bad one (default) and another is the good one which can also unlock some extra stuff. The romance scenes will always trigger towards the end of each route instead.

Of course the storyboards are just the first step! Then there’s the rough draft and then the final polished text. Still LOONG way to go (obviously since it’s still one of those super-huge games!). At this point I hope to have it out next year, since this year will be clearly impossible.

Roger Steel remake

Even if the gameplay won’t be like Puzzle Quest anymore, I still plan to make it simple

Last month I also hoped to announce Roger Steel “remake”, which was supposed to feature a match3/Puzzle Quest gameplay but just before announcing it we found a lot of crazy bugs, so I decided to give up with that system. Probably doing such a game in Ren’Py wasn’t the smartest idea…!

I still plan to do the game though, but I’ll need to find a valid gameplay replacement, either some new card system or even reusing the RPG gameplay, but this game had a fixed amount of battles and each fight should have been more like a puzzle with minimal grinding. Anyway it’s just paused for now, but I still plan to do it.

Summer In Trigue

Just a close-up detail of Mia-Sybil romance CG using new art style

Summer In Trigue rewrite is at good point too, and all the romance CGs are done. I decided to try and use a different artist for the CGs, and early feedback seems to indicate that it was a good move.

I don’t have an estimate release ready but it’s very likely that this could be the next game to be out! It has changed quite a bit vs the first versions of the game but I think overall should be more in line with what my players now expect. It will have both censored/uncensored versions of CGs and texts.

Many secret projects!

Personally I’m writing/storyboarding more “secret games”, but still too early to announce them. For those who don’t know, I am going to announce officially a new game only when I’m sure it will be done in a few months, not before. I want to give a hint of what they are about though:

  • a fantasy story about escaping in a land devastated by a civil war
  • a dark fantasy story about a witch, a thief and a paladin
  • a modern/slice of life yuri game
  • one of the four ex-Loren 2 games (still early stages!)
  • a new horror VN mixed with point’n’click adventure gameplay

All those games are following my new anti-burnout rules, that is plot not too long and/or gameplay not too complex. Many of them are going to be VN only indeed.

My games on consoles!

I am finally free to talk about this (before I couldn’t do it due to NDA). We’ve partnered with Ratalaika games to port my games to consoles (PS4, Switch & Xbox). The first one is Nicole, but we’re planning to port more or less all of them in the following weeks/months (obviously the RPGs will take a long time to port since are very complex and needs careful testing).

I’m very happy of course, and it’s funny – only last year more or less in this period I was writing a blog post about Google Play banning my games, and in general mobile was really doing badly. And now I’m announcing this. I’d say that overall it went for the best since at the moment the console market is much better than the terrible mobile market!


As you see I have a lot of things/projects going on. I think I could maybe have Summer In Trigue done, and perhaps one of the other secret games in beta before end of year. Next year Curse Of Mantras (at least the beta) and maybe some more minor games and then finally in 2022 the first of the four Loren spin-off/episode games. Of course this is just my guess, we’ll see what actually happens!