Monthly Archives: January 2008

Supernova 2: the battlefield

It’s been a while since I updated my dev diary of Supernova 2: I went through a relocation and a temporary connectivity problem (well, lasted 2 months…). Now I’m back with a stable connection so I thought to give an update.

In last 2 months worked on the battlefield – everything else is basically done. Building the fleet, researching technologies, and so on, works (unless of some very well hidden bug). Now comes the most interesting part, the fight itself 🙂

The ship placement phase is done, now I’m experimenting with the ships movements and actions (attack, conquer a planet, etc). My goal is to have lot of options available, and consequently various methods of winning a game, but of course this will take a lot of time and experiments.

However I’m optimistic enough to say that I could have this game ready before the next 2 months… I’ll see if I can release it before march 🙂 now excuse me, getting back to work!