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Volleyball Heaven Update

It’s about time to give you an update on this game. There have been some unexpected delays due to events out of my (and the writer’s) control but finally things are moving again! Towards the end of 2018 / early … Continue reading

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Future mobile games

“Censorship is telling a man he can’t have a steak just because a baby can’t chew it.” – Mark Twain As you can imagine today I’ll be talking about the future of my mobile games and… it’s not a bright … Continue reading

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Good, fast and cheap

There’s this famous saying about a product (or even a service) that uses the three keywords: good, fast and cheap and says “pick two”. Applied to a game, we could say that I could produce a cheap game, quickly (fast) … Continue reading

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Challenge accepted

When making my RPGs, I always found myself asking the question: do people play only for the romances, or also for the RPG gameplay part ? Initially, I thought the most requested feature was romances, and I still think it’s … Continue reading

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Mid-Year Update

We’re about halfway through 2019! Of my initial “new year goals”, I’m happy to have relased Corona Borealis and being already in beta testing with Planet Stronghold 2! As I wrote in the beginning of the year, I noticed that … Continue reading

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