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Restart from scratch

First, an announcement! Volleyball Heaven new beta is out: The base story is the same but we’ve made several adjustments to a certain abrasive character (Lana lol) and fixed some endings (like Zoe’s final kiss scene for example). Also, … Continue reading

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Volleyball Heaven beta is out

As the blog title says, Volleyball Heaven beta is finally out! You can find more info here: The final gameplay and themes As said before, the game was turned into a plain visual novel since the gameplay system wasn’t … Continue reading

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Planet Stronghold 2 is out on Steam and future RPGs

The game has been out since a while on my site and a few days on Steam: Before I go on with the bad news, I want to be clear: the game isn’t doing bad, indeed is more or … Continue reading

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Branching games and canon endings

Today I want to talk about a very particular topic for people like me making very complex, branching games with multiple endings. As you know if you ever played any of my games (or of other developers making branching games) … Continue reading

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When less is better

First of all PSA: in case you missed the news in social media and newsletter, the beta of Planet Stronghold 2 is finally out (with all the content). To know more, visit this page: I had started coding this … Continue reading

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