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Love Notes: Zoe and Nathan and Summer In Trigue beta

Yes this has been a busy week haha! First of all, I’ve launched my new yuri game “Summer In Trigue” beta on itchio. You can find it here:

Summer In Trigue
Summer In Trigue cast

For more info including a walkthrough check my forums.

And now let’s proceed to the last two love interests for Love Notes which is in its final days of crowdfunding, Zoe and Nathan

Zoe Bennett
Age: 28

At first glance, Zoe seems to be nothing more than a mild-mannered librarian. However, underneath her bookish façade is a woman saw the actual rise and fall of nations. Millenia before, Zoe was a priestess to the goddess Isis, and when she died, she was mummified in honor of her accomplishments. However, the person who committed this procedure must have been more talented than anyone knew for several years later, Zoe came back to life.

However, this proved rather traumatic. After all, what do you do with the dead but bury them? Zoe found herself trapped under several feet of earth and sand. Once she let the initial terror of being buried alive pass, she started to dig her way out inch by bloody inch. It was slow going, Zoe dying several times in the process before emerging once more into welcome sunlight.

Fortunately she accomplished this while Egypt was still during the height of its power. While there were some changes, enough remained the same that Zoe was able to fit right in. After her first disastrous burial, Zoe made sure that future incarnations wouldn’t face such problems.

Much as the Nile ebbs and flows, so does the passage of time. Zoe proved adaptable as she saw the rise and falls of empires. This isn’t to say she was quiet. After all, as her own existence proved, there was a world beyond the material one, one that most people were unable to deal with safely.

Eventually, as she rose again in this more modern age, Zoe went to university. Here she discovered some of the staff who cognizant of the supernatural world. While they were unable to go toe-to-toe with most paranormal creatures, they help in other ways by storing dangerous magical books and artefacts. The staff would destroy them when possible, otherwise storing them safely away from the world at large.

Zoe proved to be an able custodian in this regard, continuing where others would pass away. However, one thing Zoe learned is that change is inevitable. One day, she felt a surge in necrotic energies, an indication of something foul plaguing the city. Just as quickly as it came, it disappeared, the victim of it managing to escape its ravenous clutches.

She experienced a similar feeling a few years later, this time while listening to music from an up and coming band named Spectral Howl. From the shadows, she followed their career, curious as to what would unfold.

Nathan Moore
Age: 24

As far back as he could remember, Nathan could commune with the spirits. At first, his parents assumed he had a very active imagination, telling fantastical stories about how his ‘friends’ slew dragons and rescued captured nobility in lands far, far away. Things became much more real when Nathan, tears streaming down his face, told his parents that his grandfather died, two hours before they got the news by phone call.

Worried that Nathan might be haunted, his parents enlisted the services of a nearby shaman. To his parents’ relief, Nathan was fine. However, the shaman was concerned by how the spirits flocked to the young boy, and taught Nathan how to tune them out. This proved beneficial, causing his grades to suddenly increase.

Eventually, Nathan went to university as a pre-med student. As top of his class, some of his professors thought he would do quite well as a doctor. Everything changed during his final year of school. At that point, one of his closest friends took on a more pallid, almost corpse-like appearance as weeks passed while growing more violent. Things might have ended badly if the cursed hadn’t been broken.

As a result of this, Nathan wanted to help people, but figured there were enough doctors in the world. Instead, he decided to embrace the spirit world whole-heartedly. He quit university, and instead started learning under the shaman who helped him so many years before. Nathan struggled at first as his knowledge was only what he had gleaned from his ‘friends’ earlier. Much like school, Nathan started to excel once more as he found his footing.

This isn’t to say Nathan is against modern medicine, far from it. In fact, he insists people go to doctors first since most ailments come from the physical realm, and must be treated that way.

Nathan might have continued this way until a marked trepidation in the spirits led him to a bar where the band Spectral Howl played. While he still couldn’t figure out what was going to happen, the band seemed to be center of it. As such, he took every chance he could to follow them. Some of the members of the band thought he is a devoted groupie, and Nathan let them believe this while he keeps a vigilant eye.

Love Notes: Valerie and Tristan

This week’s characters introductions are Tristan and Valerie. They’re a bit spoilery, even if it’s to be expected from a supernatural dating sim!

Check the game’s Kickstarter here.

Valerie Vaughn

Apparent Age: 23

At first glance, many people think of Valerie as the younger and more irresponsible sister of Tristan. After all, she is a constant fixture in the bar, enjoying the newest band to grace the stage and the newest man or woman to cross her path.

What few know is that Valerie is actually Tristan’s elder by over a century, both created by the same elder vampire. Despite the age difference, this does make the two siblings in the eyes of vampire society.

What is more remarkable is unlike many older vampires, Valerie acts like a fledgling. Normally, as such creatures age, they become more stodgy as a result. However, Valerie has an energy that many find tiring.

Some of this can be attributed to the time when she was mortal. The daughter of a noble family, she was expected to marry well, and bear her husband many children. However, Valerie chafed under such restrictions and ran away just a few nights before her arranged wedding day.

While still fleeing, Valerie discovered that she was being followed. No matter what she did, or how far she went, the pursuer got closer, keeping a distance while relishing her distress. Growing irritated, Valerie created a trap to catch her hunter. Much to the vampire’s surprise and delight, it worked. Instead of draining her as previously planned, Valerie was turned into a vampire.

However, with a greatly extended lifespan comes the need to occupy that time. Now that she had her freedom, Valerie took the time to travel through Europe. Of course, she was more than capable of defending herself as no few brigands found to their detriment when accosting what they assumed to be a lady on her own.

Valerie grew so proficient that the vampire society at large made her into assassin. After all, if one lives long enough, you are bound to create a few enemies. Some you might be able to outlive, but others can be more problematic, and in that case it helps to have someone who can handle it.

It was one such problem which drew Valerie to North America. Her quarry was more powerful than initially assumed, and beat Valerie in a fight. Her injuries were so great, though, that she fell into a long sleep.

A long time passed before she woke up, only to find the world greatly changed. Much to her surprise, Tristan was actually nearby and helped her get established in the city. At the moment, Valerie’s time is her own and she intends to enjoy it as much as possible.

Tristan Vaughn

Age: 27

No one can remember how long the Vaughn family has lived in town, except that it has been running the bar Nightshade now for going on over 100 years. This isn’t to say the building stayed the same since it does undergo major renovations, but it certainly is one of the oldest family owned businesses in the city.

However, something seems wrong with the current owner, Tristan. He rarely goes about during the day, and many people just assume he suffers from some kind of genetic disorder. However, he is a constant in the city’s nightlife, easily identified by the shades he rarely takes off.

What few people know is that this is an illusion; every owner has been Tristan. Through various disguises, both supernatural and mundane, Tristan keeps a close eye on the city, feeling as if he helped it grow from a simple cow town a century and half before.

This isn’t to mean Tristan is aloof. He is known to patronize art galleries as well as give stage space to promising bands. One of his favorite finds in recent years was a band called Spectral Howl which invigorated his cold blood.

In supernatural society, Tristan is generally left alone, his bar considered ‘neutral’ territory by the various factions who inevitably arise given time. This doesn’t mean Tristan is weak, far from it. Besides his supernatural powers, few know that was actually a vampire hunter in mortal life.

However, Tristan grew complacent. On one hunt, his foe proved rather wily and captured Tristan. With great curiosity, the vampire turned Tristan into a creature just like he hunted. Those early nights were really tough, but Tristan learned that while he needed blood to survive, it didn’t require him taking a life to do so.

The last few years have been a mixed bag for Tristan starting with a young college student who occasionally came to the bar. There was something off about them, a touch that reminded Tristan of the draugur. This person seemed to stir up other supernaturals, and for a moment Tristan was afraid he’d have to get involved again.

Though this matter was resolved, it left Tristan with a great unease. One thing he learned during his long nights was to follow his gut instinct, and it felt like another storm was brewing on the horizon.

Coming next week

Next week will post the other two love interests introductions: Zoe and Nathan! Of course, unless we hit the bonus romances stretch goal of Kasumi and Dante. Check the game’s Kickstarter here.

Love Notes: Rachel and Jesse

As promised, going to do a few weekly blog posts to introduce Love Notes characters. Let’s start with the two protagonists, Rachel and Jesse. Check the game’s Kickstarter here.

Rachel Bailey
Age: 21

At first glance, Rachel seems to be doing quite well for herself. After all, as the ‘face’ of her band, Spectral Howl, people assume she has the world at her feet. However, this could be the furthest from the truth.

Going all the way back to elementary school, Rachel is a rather shy person. She would rather read a book than play with the other kids. However, her distance stance actually drew the attention of Jesse. A bit of a class clown, Jesse did his best to make her laugh and more often than not he succeeded.

All of the shyness disappears when Rachel gets on stage and loses herself in the music. It is still a bit of a surprise that the innumerable violin lessons she took as child would serve her in good stead in her current career.

When she graduated high school, Rachel was at loose ends. Though her parents heavily encouraged her to go to university, going back to school was the furthest thing from Rachel’s mind and she only lasted a semester. Instead, she flitted from job to job, never finding anything strong enough to hold her interest.

This all changed when Jesse performed at an open mike night at a bar she was currently working at as a waitress. For months, Jesse was not at his best, and as his best friend, Rachel was quite concerned. However, when Jesse started to play, Rachel felt a stirring within her breast, and quickly joined him on stage. The reaction from the crowd showed this could be a path the two of them could take.

However, what goes up can also come down. The first problem occurred when Rachel found out one of their bandmates was selling drugs on the side, using each gig as a way to expand their network. If this wasn’t enough, another bandmate left when they accused Rachel of trying to steal Jesse from them.

This came as a total shock to Rachel. For one thing, she and Jesse were good friends, nothing else. For another, Rachel didn’t even know the two people were romantically together.

If this wasn’t bad enough, Rachel’s also been suffering horrible dreams. She can’t remember much about them other than the iron tang of blood in her mouth from when she bit her lips.

Despite all this, now that Rachel found her passion, she is going to try to keep it alive at all costs.

Jesse Morgan
Age: 22

As one of the founding members of the band, Spectral Howl, Jesse bears a quiet confidence that puts people at ease in his presence. After all, it takes courage to drop out of college just one year before graduation in order to pursue one’s musical dreams.

This choice wasn’t that hard to make. Jesse was unsure about pursuing his degree, and in fact felt trapped by the expectations of those around him. However, after getting a positive reception about his musical skills from a local bar, as well as the unanticipated vocal talents of Rachel, Jesse decided to forge a new path.

However, he also knew he couldn’t do it alone. He first turned to Rachel, his oldest friend going back to elementary school. They were constants in each other’s lives, knowing they could rely on each no matter what comes. From there, they started to recruit other people like Sean to play the drums.

Jesse is glad he isn’t the ‘face’ of the band, gladly relegating that role to Rachel. Jesse definitely pulls his own weight. Besides being the lead guitarist, Jesse is also the chief song writer. Occasionally this causes him to butt heads with other bandmates when revisions are suggested and Jesse digs in his heels on any changes at all.

For a while, the band was quite successful. They consistently sold out their venues, and there was even talk of a possible record label contract. However, being at the top makes a fall that much greater. It started when the bass guitarist was arrested, forcing Jesse to try and find a replacement. Almost as quickly, a second member left, citing irreconcilable differences with Rachel.

However, current circumstances have shaken Jesse to his core. From his waning friendship with Rachel to the dissolution of his band, Jesse is standing at a crossroads. Does he keep following his dream, or is it time to pursue some other career?

If this wasn’t bad enough, Jesse finds himself plagued by nightmares that he doesn’t know the source of. The only thing he can remember is a flash of gleaming white before waking up in a cold sweat.

Despite all of this, Jesse isn’t one to give up. Adversity builds strength, and Jesse is sure he can face whatever challenge comes his way.

Next week, will be the turn of Valerie and Tristan! Remember to check the game’s Kickstarter here.

At Your Feet is out and new Kickstarter: Love Notes

First of all, my latest yuri dating sim “At Your Feet” is now officially out both on itchio and Steam!


And here’s the new video trailer featuring the game theme song (which turned out great):

As I said several times already I hope that people will give it a try even if they’re not interested in that particular kink since the cast diversity and the comedy setting makes, in my opinion, a very interesting/funny story to play!

New Kicksterter: Love Notes

From left to right: Rachel, Zoe, Valerie, Tristan, Nathan, Jesse

Love Notes is my new Kickstarter campaign! This time you can play as male or female, and there are 4 love interests (2 male + 2 female). Each path is unique. As you probably guessed from the art style and title, it’s a game set in the same world as Love Bites, but it’s not necessary to have played the first game at all!

For more info check the Kickstarter page.

We already reached the base goal (the Kickstarter is 4 days old) but I hope we reach at least the 4 unique songs stretch goals since we’re going to use the same singer who did TFTU: Hazel and At Your Feet songs, which turned out great.

But even the bonus romances goal would be nice. The first one to be revealed is the female one, Kasumi:

She was a secondary character in Love Bites, and she is going to be a NPC too in Love Notes, unless we reach the 10k goal. And on the next stretch goal reached (4000 for extra BG/art) I’ll also reveal the male bonus romance, which I’m sure could be very popular!

I plan to do some weekly posts this month to introduce the new characters. Stay tuned.

What’s next?

So beside the new Kickstarter, what’s next? Well, for sure, Summer In Trigue. It should be out before the crazy holidays sale period. I am going to participate on the Steam Next fest in early October with a demo, and release the game shortly after.

Grace and Sybil making plans for tonight

I know, three yuri game releases in a single year (counting Hazel)? It’s a record indeed. But if you’re not into yuri, worry not, because the next few games that will come out will have all the romance options again, like Love Notes.

After Summer in Trigue and Love Notes, I’ll finally resume working on Curse Of Mantras too. If I manage it in time, it would be nice to have a short demo before end of year. If not, worse case I’ll publish some videos to show the progress.

With this kind of game is a bit weird since maybe one day you design 10 new cards. Then the next day you code and try them in game, and fix the inevitable bugs. Then another day you realize that they’re screwing up the balance, and so on.

This part is more difficult than with RPGs, since sometimes a single “overpowered” card can break the game. People who play this kind of CCG (collectible card games) know it well. It’s enough to see the frequent nerfs/patches done by big companies like Blizzard for their game Hearthstone!

Of course I’m trying to do my best to make the game FUN, more than “balanced”. I don’t mind if there are some (well hidden) tricks to make an invincible army of mythological creatures 🙂

So in summary, Summer in Trigue should be next release. Then Love Notes hopefully early next year. Then Curse Of Mantras. This almost surely means that the next ToA game An Elven Marriage won’t be out in 2022, but I guess we’ll see. Maybe a demo or beta towards end of the next year could be possible!