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Winter is coming next week!

At least the pre-orders! No I didn’t went insane because of excessive work (even if it’s not a remote possibility after all!). I’m talking obviously about The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook, which we’re currently testing and polishing. I know … Continue reading

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Spirited Heart Girl’s Love: the demon girls

Here we are at the latest blog post regarding Spirited Heart Girl’s Love, where we meet the two demon girls, Reid and Hade. The first video is about Reid. She is without doubt the most sexy character of the game, … Continue reading

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Spirited Heart Girl’s Love: the elven girls

It’s now the turn of the elf girls. In the video below you can see Thym: I’m sure that many people will consider her the most annoying of the characters, since she is quite snob and spoiled. However, the romance … Continue reading

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Spirited Heart Girl’s Love: the human girls

As the official release of the yuri expansion to my game Spirited Heart approaches, I’ll make three blog posts featuring short videos of two character of each of the three available races (Human, Elf and Demoness). Today I got the … Continue reading

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Can the free to play business model work for story-based games?

In case you haven’t noticed, the whole games market is moving towards the so called “Free to play” business model. It started in the asian countries and now it seems that it’s going to be the “next big thing”. On … Continue reading

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