Spirited Heart Girl’s Love: the human girls

As the official release of the yuri expansion to my game Spirited Heart approaches, I’ll make three blog posts featuring short videos of two character of each of the three available races (Human, Elf and Demoness). Today I got the last girl, I am thinking if to commission a few more secodary characters but they’re not really required for the expansion. This means that it will be out for sure in August (probably at the end of it).

In this blog post, let’s see the human girls:

In the video above, Ria is the first human girl I wrote for Spirited Heart Girl’s Love. She is a “tough chick”, and apparently also a tomb raider. But as you’ll get to know her better, you’ll find out that down deep she is a very different person than what she appears at first glance. This character was particularly interesting to write because the Elf or Human are very scared / intimidated from her aggressive behaviour, while the Demoness is the only one that can keep up with her.

In this other video instead one of my favorite characters of the whole expansion, the always day-dreaming all-around artist Yana! At first she seems a lazy, spoiled girl that sleeps all day while his father has to pay other people to do the work that she was supposed to do. Later in the story, she will reveal the true self, in all possible meaning (by this I mean there will be a more transparent version of the actual dress, but no nudity!).

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