Spirited Heart Girl’s Love: the elven girls

It’s now the turn of the elf girls. In the video below you can see Thym: I’m sure that many people will consider her the most annoying of the characters, since she is quite snob and spoiled. However, the romance plot with her is full of cool moments (like “impossible love”), because in the second part of the romance (when you work as maid in her villa) you discover that you have some “serious competition”… 🙂

Leah’s path instead is very different. I think is also probably the most original character of the game. She’s older than all the other girls, and I think the sprite manages to picture her perfectly, a very classy and cute person who is excessively obsessed by her age, thinking that she doesn’t look attractive like she once was… Also Leah’s personality is dominant, and this will lead to very interesting (and different) choices in particular if you choose the elf (she will submit to her) or the demon (she will become the dominant one, obviously!).

I also got some very good news related to my other games in development. Not only Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook should be out at end of this month, but the artist of the game Queen Of Thieves, which I announced back in February (time flies!) is finally back and he is working fullspeed to recover the lost time. Below you can admire a few of the many clothing combinations possible for Joanne, the wizard:

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