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Queen Of Thieves “crafting”


In the screenshot above you see the “crafting” system I’ve just implemented on Queen Of Thieves. It’s nothing complex, and to be honest calling it crafting is a bit too much: you just place gems in the various items sockets, similarly to what happens in Diablo/Torchlight.

Anyway, even if simple, it’s quite addictive, both for casual players but also for nightmare-mode players. For the former because it’s just fun to place the various gems and see the stats go up. For the latter, because using the right combination they could find a new strategy to beat a difficult battle. I tested myself in an early catacomb level, and while leveling up to acquire new skills is what makes your party more powerful, I was able to beat a particularly difficult battles with gems alone (even if I used a cheat mode to get powerful gems early).

So in summary I’m very happy about the result, and I think was a good idea to add it. I think it’s balanced, because it can give you the edge in a battle but not completely change the difficulty.

And most importantly, since you can apply gem to any armor piece, it means that you can always equip the outfit you like most (as said before, the items you wear are reflected in the sprite in this game). Yes, everything started when users in forums wanted a solution to this problem! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m still unsure if to allow the gem-socketing for weapons too. I might need some more time to decide, but I think not. After all players have already a lot of stuff to customize!

This week I’ve resumed the catacomb exploration coding, hoping to finish it by mid-July at the latest. After that, I’ll only need to wait for the writer to finish the otome routes, and the artist to do some missing artwork but most of the work is done.


The catacombs will have “only” 9 levels, but I’m trying to make each level unique. Currently I’m doing the second level, which will feature a mad priest asking riddles thorough the level, like the one above. Obviously if you answer wrong…bad things will happen ๐Ÿ˜‰

Quick update about the other games

This week made good progress. Just to name a few (there are much more but can’t list everything):

  • the intro scene of Cursed Lands, with the character creation done by talking to Apolimesho. Quite cool ๐Ÿ™‚
  • more writing for Loren 2, though obviously it’s still in early stages
  • more writing/art/music for Never Forget Me (Always Remember Me sequel)
  • more Heirs & Graces scenes and CG sketches… very hot and with a good amount of fanservice!
  • more screens for the yet-to-be-announced yuri game. More fanservice for yuri lovers ๐Ÿ˜‰

So even if the month of June is almost ended, it was a good month for the development, like May. Sooner or later all those games “in progress” will be finished… and it could happen that I’ll release 2-3 of them in sequence, since there are several that are “almost done”! ๐Ÿ™‚

Heirs & Graces โ€“ Borges


First of all, a new character introduction for Heirs & Graces by the writer:

Borges comes from a fairly well off family. Though not a noble by any means, he can’t say that he’s suffered any overwhelming hardships over the years. His parents, though not particularly strict, always had a certain path in mind for him. They helped him get a good education to become a doctor and still occasionally meddle in his love life in an attempt to get him to settle down. Borges has followed their plans for him as far as becoming a doctor, but he has a few minor issues with that second part. He’s put off talking to them about it however, figuring he has more important things to focus on at the moment– like treating Lord Sandor.

Borges isn’t an incompetent doctor by any means, but there are certainly more experienced ones that Lord Sandor could afford to employ. However, after going through several of them, Lord Sandor has stuck with Borges. Borges visits Lord Sandor directly and has become a familiar face to all of Lord Sandor’s employees. He is very polite and is well liked by most of the servants including Marcel, but he occasionally clashes with Vincent and Lord Sandor. He finds the two to be unreasonable at times and has made a point of telling them so. He is genuinely invested in Lord Sandor’s well being, but there is only so much he can do when Lord Sandor insists on keeping information from him.

Borges is kind and puts the well being of others before his own. He’s been through enough situations to know that he can’t save everyone, but he still takes it personally whenever he’s unable to help someone in need. He gets frustrated often, but tries to keep it to himself as he works through it. He’s usually able to talk himself into remaining positive, but Lord Sandor’s case has been wearing him down bit by bit. It’d be one thing if it was just the disease that he had to worry about, but Lord Sandor is definitely one of the most infuriating patients he’s ever had to work for.

Status update: panic! Or maybe not…

It’s June and I’ve made some accounting work, and noticed that my direct sales halved vs last year in the same period… :O However, I quickly understood why: so far this year I just released SOTW DLC and… nothing else ๐Ÿ™‚

Nowadays is vital to keep releasing quality titles in this very competitive indie world, and I only released a DLC, so not even a full new game (even if SOTW DLC is quite long and complex).

I am in a weird situation in which I have a LOT of titles in progress, but so far none really close to completion (I consider a game close when I could begin the pre-order/beta testing phase).

The closest to being finished is without doubt C14 Dating, with Nicole yuri a second close. Then, depending how things go, Queen Of Thieves or some other dating sim (like Summer In Trigue, Heirs & Graces, etc).

Anyway, currently I only can wait for the artists/writers/coders and keep working on QoT since is the only game I can be actively participating in, for now ๐Ÿ™‚

Queen Of Thieves catacombs exploration

First of all, as you probably know, there’s the Steam Summer sale going on, until the 21st June. All my games are 50% off, except SOTW which is 25% since is still very new.
Check it here:

Now, about the topic of this post: this week I’ve been busy finishing coding the “dungeon exploration” part of my upcoming game “The Queen Of Thieves”. As I posted in forums already, this part is separate from the main gameplay in which you go robbing the houses of the nobles.

Its mainly purpose is to provide a way to gain experience (the infamous “grinding”) for those players who like it. You’ll be able to access it from the map, as seen in the image below:


You can visit them once a day, and every time you finish a level you’ll need to wait several days before a new level opens (this to limit the grinding speed a bit!).

The first time you enter, you’ll be greeted by Tiberius (one of the romanceable characters, and the guards captain). He’ll accept your offer to help exploring the “catacombs” which are nearby the town.


Once you enter them, you’ll see the view of the current catacomb level, like a sort of blueprint/map. You’ll be able to move through the various locations, which will be full of encounters. Each level will have different types of monsters. In this case, the first one has giant rats and disease rats.


Before the fight, you’ll be able to place strategically your party members and also see the enemies level and monster type, alongside a short sentence describing the monster feature (for example the disease rat can inflict disease, while the giant rat is very fast).


There will be different winning and starting conditions: in some fights you’ll need to kill a specific enemy to win, in others you’ll be ambushed so enemies start with a speed bonus the first round, and so on.

I plan to have 9 levels in total, which should be enough to provide a good variety. Also, differently from what I originally thought, I am also going to write a short story about what happened in those catacombs, so if you manage to explore them all you’ll discover some important information ๐Ÿ˜‰

Introducing “Cursed Lands”

What is “Cursed Lands”?

This week I got a big chunk of writing for my new game, Cursed Lands, from the writer, so I thought to make an introductory post about this game.

What makes it a bit different from my other RPGs, is that in this case there’s a bigger roleplay element, like the “character creation” phase at beginning of the game. There will be fights, but with some new gameplay elements. It’s much more story-based, since during the fights themselves you’ll be able to interact with the enemy, allies and environment, to change the battle/situation outcome.

In many cases you’ll have to make a “tough choice”. No compromises, just pick one of the two option, with different consequences.

Anyway, I thought to make a nice image as summary of this game romances:

All Cursed Lands romances, divided by gender/sexual orientation

Forgive me for the low quality but I made the mockup quickly using JPGs instead of the original images, so there might be some white borders. The in-game art will look great as usual! My favorite character is Nuala, even if both Nagas are awesome of course. What’s yours? ๐Ÿ˜‰

The game premise

I don’t want to reveal much of the story for now, however I can share the initial premise, from an early draft the writer sent me:

The game takes place over the course of four โ€œmonthsโ€ or cycles of the moon. The game begins with mist covering the area from the Castle of N’mar. The mist particles reflect light by day, causing blindness in those who spend too much of the daylight hour in the mist, and by night, it is too dark to see. Thus, the human empire responds by sending an army to investigate, coincident with the full moon; they can see by the light of the full moon without being blinded.

The game takes place in the year 653 since foundation of Grimoire (the official dating system of my fantasy world of Aravorn), so 13 years before the events happening in Loren Amazon Princess. Queen Karen will play a major role in the story (no, you can’t romance her!). If you’re curious, here’s the current Aravorn timeline:

The game characters

The cast is quite interesting and varied. The romances are only those pictured above (so don’t ask if someone else can be romanced!! lol), but there are also other characters that you can recruit for your main quest, max 1 for each race or guild/ethnic group. I’ll make a short introduction here, with a portrait and a phrase from what I’ve read so far that I found interesting/representative of that character:

GalanGalan (dwarf berserker)
“I know that I’m no hero.ย  Sometimes I like to pretend that I am.ย  But when I jump into the fray, telling myself that I’m doing justice by defending the weak, I’m really lying to myself.ย  Because the truth is, when I get into a fight, it’s for one reason and one reason only: I like to fight.”

DasyraDasyra (dwarf healer)
“I never fancied myself a fighter, but in that moment of combat, standing by your side, it was like I was operating in a higher state of consciousness.ย  It was like I became suddenly aware of my own mortality, but also aware of the mortality of the men who were attacking me.ย  Everything else, the entire world of worries and stress I’d been carrying until that moment, they all ceased to be relevant.”

KushoKusho (elf assassin)
“So you’d have me working as part of a group?ย  Well, solo work really is my preference.ย  But infiltration sounds right up my alley.ย  I imagine the castle of N’Mar is ripe with hiding locations.ย  That architecture is ripe with nooks and crannies.ย  And shadows.ย  I do like shadows.”

VaerilVaeril (elf druid)
“You’ve just met me.ย  It seems a bit premature to judge my character when we’ve had not more than an hour to share words. Some will have drinks with a man one day, and slay him the next.ย  You can’t judge the body of a man’s character from a single act.ย  You know nothing of the sins or virtues of my past.”

GeraldineLady Geraldine (merchant)
“Do you want to know what I think?
The needs of the living outweigh the needs of the dead.ย  Give the dead their respect.ย  But don’t let them occupy space that could be put to better use.ย  The memorial can always be rebuilt elsewhere.”

CedricCedric (merchant)
“The truth is, a symbol like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier means more than a profit-minded woman like Geraldine could ever hope to understand.ย  An officer realizes there are things more important than money.ย  Loyalty.ย  Duty.ย  Honor.ย  Those are the values that we prize above all else.”

SylrissaSylrissa (naga blademaster)
“If I ever met a vampire, I’d very much enjoy having the chance to dance with them, and then have a pleasant chat with them, and then slice them up a bit with my blade. No better way to get to know someone than from the inside out, eh?”

EnokEnok(naga battlemage)
“Nagas have very few rules when it comes to killing. Anyone who steps into naga territory unwelcome is likely to made into a meal. Naga kill all the time, without provocation.”

The pirates, amazons and nomads are missing since the recruitment scenes for them haven’t been written yet.

I’m quite excited by this game, also for personal reasons: back in the years 1996-1997, I already wanted to make games, but was still too young and inexperienced. However I liked to dream, and so I started to design on paper a game, which was called indeed “Cursed Lands”. Now, almost 20 years later… ๐Ÿ˜‰