Bionic Heart 2 preorders open

Bionic Heart 2 update…

Good news, after months of hard work Bionic Heart 2 is almost finished!

I am coding the endings in those days, and doing some extra testing because the game has so many paths that I want to test them all to make sure there are no mistakes (even if probably will miss something, but that’s what the beta testing phase is for!).

Now check this cool image:

Helen holding Tanya’s hand, eager to show her something (this image will be present in one ending as well).

Anyway, this is one of the many wallpapers you’ll get with the “bonus content” edition of Bionic Heart 2 (the real ones have resolution if 1920×1200 so will fit even the biggest monitor/resolution!). There are much more steamy images, both of female and male characters from the game 😉

Beside the wallpapers, you also get a full atmospheric soundtrack with 10 original tracks.

You can preoder the normal version clicking here. If you want the version with bonus content instead, please click here.

But there’s no hurry, both versions will be available at same price, so you can wait to play the demo first if you are unsure 🙂

…and the other games!

The other projects are advancing, more or less. Some faster, other slower, but of course depends on the game type. RPGs take a lot of time to make, as you well know 😉

Speaking of RPGs, you can read the latest sneak preview of Roger Steel in my forums here:
(and catch up with the other sneak previews if you missed some)

Planet Stronghold 2 artist is working on more enemy sprites, and the last task is to draw the camp talk poses.

Roommates is also going well, writer is finishing the script and in the next months will try to talk more about this game, since I should start to decide its gameplay. Below you can see 4 new secondary characters that you’ll encounter in the game:

Finally, do you remember Queen Of Thieves? got in touch again with the artist who said will finish the latest ending scenes (they were made in a very unique style as comic pages), so I should have all the artwork needed for the game in the next months 🙂

What’s Next?

As always when people ask me what will be the next released game (apart Bionic Heart 2 of course), my reply is that I have no clue because depends on how fast are the artists/writers. Once I have everything done, usually takes me from 2 to 4 months to finish a game, depending on the complexity of course.

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