Vendors, quests and random encounters


Even my cat Gilda is waiting impatiently Loren RPG release! 😉

It has been a long week. I spent it testing, adding lots of small details, and so on. This process is was is commonly known as “polishing”. I am trying really to make the game the best I can, but of course I also want to release it soon!

As the post title says, the three main things missing were vendors, quests and random encounters. So far I have implemented only the quests (more below) but the vendor is at good point too, while for the random encounters very likely will need to implement the map first.


In the image above, I added a tooltip with a detailed explanation of all the 3 base attributes, to help the player decide better how to spend the attribute points. The basics are quite clear though: Warrior need Strength, Thieves need Skills and Mages need Will 🙂


Another thing I recently added are the quest. The code was already done, but I added a simple but efficient screen to inform the players when they got a new quest, like in the image above.

Quests are useful especially in the beginning to “boost” the experience of players, since the battles without many skills lose a lot of their charm. So I wanted the player to level up quickly at least in the beginning, so they can learn new skills. The level-up speed is something I need to tweak and will take some time as well.


I did also many minor changes to the party information screen. I enlarged the number of party portraits displayed at once, so you have to use less the up/down arrow to scroll between the various party members. I am also planning a short tutorial for each screen, including this one. The battle tutorial is already implemented instead, but will need some feedback (I think might be too long).

What about the other games?

Fear not! Heileen 3 is going forward very well, the total plot is already 81,000 words and there are still Marie and Lora’s romance arc missing, so will definitely be a long game.

I also should get new art and texts for the various other projects (including some that I’m keeping secret), but as you know until Loren’s Beta is finished, I’ll be working almost exclusively on that!

One thing I can announce though, and is that I had the chance to hire again Loren’s artist by pure luck for a limited amount of time, and I had him work on Amber’s Magic Shop art. So finally I’ll be able to get the art for that game! 🙂

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  1. Lex says:

    Your cat doesn’t look pleased at all.


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