Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! To celebrate it, I am doing a small sale:

You can get a 20% discount until Monday (included) for all my games using the coupon: EGG during checkout. The discount applies even on SOTW, though not the DLC obviously since it’s not even officially out yet 🙂

RPG games update

Some updates, starting with the RPGs: both Roger Steel, Loren 2, and PSCD (I include it in the RPG even if is more of strategy/card game) writing and art is making good progress.

I also got all the base art ready for Queen Of Thieves! Below you can see the male romances in the new style (they also have an alternate outfit):


I am only missing the ending CGs/scenes, but I now have all the images for the base game. We’re thinking of adding a few extra outfits and poses, but that’s it 🙂 The writing it’s at good point as well.

Dating sims update

Regarding the dating sims, good progresses have been made on all of them as well. It’s true that at this point, Nicole yuri will be delayed for sure on Q2 this year (so wasn’t out Q1 as I hoped) but is also true that the story is much bigger now, with more locations and several secondary characters that now have a bigger role.

Also, the other various dating sims are going at steady pace, as I joked in forums, it might happen that I’ll release two consecutive yuri-only dating sim at one point during this year or next year 😀

For the otome fans no worries: there will be Always Remember Me sequel, and all the RPG (which will be more similar to Loren, so not with complex RPG gameplay like SOTW) have otome contents.

On other news, I’ve started updating the games on Steam with the new Ren’Py, mainly to allow Linux achievements. I’ve also enabled cloud saves! I plan to update also all the demos on my own site later, but apart the Steam related stuff (achievements and cloud saves) there’s nothing really new compared to the versions on my own site.

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  1. Alberto says:

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

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