Monthly Archives: February 2007

NWN2 bugs

I’m quite disappointed… I was playing NWN2 (my Christmas gift) and so far, was very pleased with it. Of course I installed the patch 1.04 since the beginning, because it contains many bugfixes.

Then I realized that this game is really “haunted” by bugs 😐 not only minor ones (like quest not completing, and so on) but the worst one is that my game completely freeze!! yes, when I come back to Neverwinter town after solving the Issani quest (and recruiting paladin Donavir, etc) I got another task to go check back the warehouse on north of the town: well, after the first 2-3 rooms, the game completely freeze. Every time. I don’t think is a bug of my system since the rest of the game works, but I don’t really understand why freeze like that.

I don’t even think about starting over, since I played already lot of hours. I’m going to try it on another pc just to be sure that isn’t a system config problem (even if really shouldn’t be…!). A real pity, since apart for this the game rules…!

Selling games to europe?

Today on indiegamer forums the author of Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa asked about selling games in Europe, the european market, what are best sites, and so on. I want to share my experience since 40% of my sales are from Europe:

  • localization was useless. I did german one for my game UBM when was just released, so selling exceptionally well, but basically had NO IMPACT on sales. I still remember a german guy asking me how to play the game in english…! 😮
  • direct bank transfer, BMT has this option. Had maybe 2-3 sales with that. Most people in europe have Paypal now. For example, Paypal in Italy grow up to 36% of e-commerce market (means that more than 1/3 of italians use it to buy stuff online)
  • what are the best sites? I’m a bit confused here 🙂 internet is global, so I don’t see why someone in europe wouldn’t come to any site on internet to buy. They come to my site, and to the one of many other developers to buy.
  • support: rarely you can get emails in french or spanish, but is like 1 out of 100 orders. Anyway not a problem.
  • the best print media… well is a long list. The best ones are UK and German mags 😉