How to waste an afternoon!

…sigh 😀 Today I wasted the whole afternoon to restyle the blog layout and the forums one. The blog was very quick but the forum took lot of time! I changed from the previous one because I realized was really too much different in style vs my own winterwolves and tycoongames websites. Beside that it’s true that white/bright text over black/dark backgrounds are harder to read and make pain to the eyes ! 🙂

Luckily this morning managed to go forward on Bionic Heart development. There is really only a few endings missing right now. I have almost all text written for those new endings, I’ll need to send them to sake-bento who is proofreading/editing them and then will start selecting the voiceovers for the game. I’m not yet sure if the game will ship with all the voices, I doubt it since takes some time for the actors/actresses to dub all that text (the game has almost 50k words by now).

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