Giving up even before trying

It’s fun when I see new developers who don’t even give a try to sell their games themselves, but just rely on a “online publisher”.
Sure there are advantages in using them: but why don’t you EVEN try ONE time to sell YOUR games yourself? it seems fun for me. For years developers complained about shark-publisher (of course not everyone is like that) and now that they have the possibility to sell independently, they don’t even try.
Is even more fun when they don’t make casual games but RPG/Strategy/Simulation titles. It is well known that you don’t really need a publisher in such cases because of the particular niche.
Good examples are Positech Games and their space/political simulations, Spidweb RPGs and well if I may, I could even include my small sport simulation 🙂
For me not even trying is absolutely silly. You can try and be a complete failure at marketing, Ok then you can give up. But how do you know if you don’t ever try??

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2 Responses to Giving up even before trying

  1. cliff says:

    couldnt agree more. you can go to the portals in later days once your game is tweaked if you want to, but why take 35% when you can take 90%?

  2. Jack Norton says:

    Yes, but I was more referring to people having niche games as ours (Democracy or UBM) and not trying to sell ALSO from their site… going exclusive seems just madness to me 😀

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