The Christmas Sale is here!

Yep! Even this year I’m running a Christmas sale! It will last until the end of the year. Below are the details!

For all games released before this year, 50% off! The list includes:

Loren Amazon Princess
Seasons Of The Wolf
Heileen Series
NicolePlanet Stronghold
Always Remember Me
Spirited Heart
Bionic Heart 1 & 2
Flower Shop Series

For all games released this year, 20% off. Only exception is Never Forget Me, since it was released only a month ago! Sorry but wouldn’t be fair versus people who bought it at full price.

Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense
C14 Dating
Heirs & Graces
Queen Of Thieves

That’s it! Will make my last blog post of the year the 23rd, but let me wish you happy holidays already! 🙂

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5 Responses to The Christmas Sale is here!

  1. Bob The Mob says:

    Confused here:

    Ya said all games released before this year, but didn’t have Vera Blanc nor any of the things listed in “Older Games” listed there. ?:(


    • admin says:

      Yes those as well, but since are older/less popular I didn’t include them 🙂

      • Laineygirly says:

        Not sure if this is on purpose, but if you add the Vera Blanc bundle to your cart it still only takes the 25% off of each episode instead of the 50% off each. The other bundles seem to auto-correct themselves when you add it to the cart (i.e., Flower Shop series is advertised as 15% off for the bundle, but auto-corrects to the 50% off each game once added to the cart). If you add the Vera Blanc episodes one at a time to your cart it gives the 50% off, but once you add the second episode it goes back down to 25% off of each.

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