Get ready! … or not

Max is showing an iron-logic here!

This weekend I had planned to start the Roommates beta testing… but as always, that bastard of Murphy had to remind me of his laws! I had a light flu since 5 days, but was slowly getting better up to last Tuesday when I was feeling almost normal. Then, Wednesday was a total fail 🙁

Suddenly it got worse and now I’m coughing and I turned into a sort of giant gelatinous cube. A gelatinous cube can’t work, right?

However, I could have fun with the Ooze girl! One of the many avatars of Undead Lily (work in progress)

Anyway, I’ve decided that as soon as I get the missing activity images, I’ll do a last minute check and then start the beta. Roommates is such a big game that I need to do a good / long public beta testing anyway, so don’t want to wait anymore.

While I can’t announce it now, stay tuned because I might start it in the next days! 😉

Meanwhile work on other games goes well. Soon will be able to announce a certain otome game about an archeologist, with some introductory posts by a guest blogger 🙂 and also, I got more help for coding SOTW, this way the game will be done faster!

One last news, I added the bonus content (wallpapers+OST) on Steam as well, so if you want you can get it here:

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4 Responses to Get ready! … or not

  1. Alex says:

    😮 know that I’ve been hitting refresh at “” for the last week in wait for news.

    🙂 Totally looking forward to 1) Roomates 2) Nicole 1.5 (expansion) 3) Season of the Wolf (-miiight- the game you’re making I’ve been the most hyped for => -totally looking forward to it. But it’s far off ,so further down the list)
    Hoping SoW will be your greatest title yet (though it’s got some -very- hard competition.

    So far I liked Loren the most (but also greatly enjoyed Heileen series, Love and Order ) and of course NICOLE (-amazing- writing)

    Get well soon Celso. (:D and take your time with SoW => we’re hoping for RPG of the year)

    • admin says:

      Thanks 🙂
      RPG of the year? no pressure eh?? 😉
      Roommates will be hopefully out at end of month, and beta of the first season of SOTW by end of March/mid-April! the full game will need more time, think probably June.

  2. Soazig says:

    😀 As an archeologist myself, I’m so psyched about the announcement ! I’ll try not to die from curiosity until then.
    And since it’s my first comment here, I have to say that I loved Loren.
    Like Alex said (wrote ?), get well soon 🙂

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