C-14 dating casting!

Today was supposed to announce the official release of Roommates, but since the video is not yet ready, and today was a very hectic day for me for personal reasons (I am writing this blog post at 8PM when I usually have it ready early in the morning!) I think today will just show you the FULL CAST OF C-14 DATING instead!! Woohooo!

Melissa is the protagonist, while the other are the romanceable boys. Click the thumbnails to see a bigger image.

melissaMelissa Flores

Occupation: 3rd year anthropology student
Languages: English, some Spanish
Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Melissa is an aspiring archaeologist who has signed up for a summer internship supervised by her professor. She’s an upbeat, friendly person who lives for the moment and enjoys new experiences. Although studying and theory may not be her strong points, she learns aptly through social interaction and getting involved. Loves dancing, meeting people, and asking questions.

deandreDeandre Guillaume

Occupation: Rugby player, 4th year English student
Languages: French, English
Social and cultured, Deandre knows what it’s like to stay in a foreign country and reaches out to Melissa. He may seem carefree most of the time, but he’s serious about his education and has a back-up plan in case his rugby career cuts short. Although generally cheerful, he can get easily frustrated when irritated or stuck. Loves to cook.

hendrikHendrik Luikenhuis

Occupation: Geologist
Languages: Dutch, French, English, a little German
Hendrik is the head geologist of Calen Cave, working under his uncle, Augustin Dupont. Rational and down-to-earth, Hendrik is very approachable and loves teaching the students participating in the excavation. He has an avid passion for his profession, often getting lost in his work. Loves good food and, of quartz, can’t help throwing in a geology pun or two.

kylerKyler LeGrand

Occupation: 4th year anthropology student
Languages: French Belgian Sign Language, French, English
Kyler is a goal-driven and diligent person planning on a career in archaeology after he graduates. He tends to keep to himself, only speaking willingly when it’s about… archaeology. It’s hard to see underneath his aloof exterior since his stubbornness and judgmental attitude makes it difficult to connect to people. And what luck, he’ll be stuck digging next to the outgoing Melissa!

shojiShoji Toussaint

Occupation: 1st year university student, major undecided
Languages: French, English
Shoji is a quiet, timid individual who prefers to have his nose in an e-book, handheld, or sketchpad. Although reluctant to engage in conversation, he opens up when the topic involves video games. He’s extremely sensitive and empathetic to the people around him, and gets easily overwhelmed in social situations. Likes being helpful, but struggles with his lack of confidence.

There can be other minor characters, but those are the main ones 🙂

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3 Responses to C-14 dating casting!

  1. daikiraikimi says:

    I love the characters, and I especially like the apparent body type diversity.

  2. Rincewind says:

    Gah. I’m already waiting for the yuri version of Nicole.
    And now I’m waiting for the yuri version of C-14… whose otome version isn’t even released. Boy, gonna be a loooong wait.
    Being a yuri-fan is suffering!!!

  3. Ran says:

    Oh my gosh they are look so fantastic. <3
    "lives for the moment and enjoys new experiences." Oh, I like you MC. Hahaha.
    As for the boys, I don't know who to pick. Hahahaha. Kyler or Hendrik? Kyler or Hendrik? But Deandre is also so hot and Shoji looks so cute. :") *sigh* The fangirl in me is squealing. Hahahaha.

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