New Year Goals

I never set myself any special goals, because I know I don’t need any extra motivation…being able to survive is enough 😀

But this time I wanted to. In my plans, I want to release 4 new games next year! It’s a very ambitious goal, but I think I can make it. They’ll be all sort of adventure games but mixed with other genres. You already know about Spirited Heart, but recently I’m working hard also on another game: Bionic Heart!

Fun because until now I didn’t realize I used same word (heart) on both games! But they’re very different kind of game. Spirited Heart is more casual, and in general in a happy mood. With Bionic Heart instead, I’m hoping to recreate the dark, oppressive atmospheres of sci-fi classics like Blade Runner & Co. Not an easy task of course…! For now that’s all about this game, if you’re curious you can see the main menu image below… 🙂

This kind of setting really intrigues me. I’m writing lots of texts and dialogues, I feel really inspired! Also, I’m not making a visual novel this time, but a sort of mix. You’ll have more freedom and choices, but the interface will still be simple and you won’t be stuck like in many traditional adventure games.

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