Roger steel world: meet Roger Steel!


Taking a break from PSCD characters intro to introduce nonetheless than Roger Steel himself!!! :)

Introducing Roger Steel… Explorer. Spy. Legend. Pawn.

When Ann and Arthur are ambushed at a remote temple, the surviving sibling and their friends are rescued by a handsome stranger in the middle of a mission of his own. Little do they know it is Roger Steel himself, whose adventures real and ‘enhanced’ are broadcast across the British Empire as part of its 20th century quest to maintain global order and confidence in its rule in these troubled times.

In books and movies Steel’s adventures have been chronicled and mythologized so much it is hard to separate man from legend. But the real Roger Steel is very human indeed, and when in a rash act of kindness he intervenes that ill-fated day, his duty to a ruthless Empire and his human inclinations are set on a collision course.

But unbeknownst to him, in the corridors of power in London, his mission has already taken a darker turn. With the endgame in sight, as with all pawns, the day might soon come when it is easier to remove him permanently from the board than keep him in the game.

Update about Seasons Of The Wolf

If you follow the game development in my forums, you know the mess I managed to make last week :D In practice I wanted to use the new Ren’Py, then found out the saves weren’t compatible because of a variable, I changed it, meanwhile Ren’Py coder kindly had fixed that on the framework-side, but was too late. And I even managed to run the auto-updater stopping it in half, so I had a mixed version (part old, part new Ren’Py)!!

In short: a giant mess. I can load some savegames but other won’t work, and the safest thing is to start again the game from scratch… even if is normal during such early beta testing to lose access to old saves, every time it happens I’m angry at myself.

Luckily the testers are very supportive and accept it without drama. Well, almost ;) I heard some started drinking after the 7th consecutive playthrough from scratch…

Jokes apart, I am still going on with the game. Admire a portrait of a Kraken below:


I am coding ACT4 right now, even if ACT3 is still not playable because I need the tileset (won’t go in more details to avoid spoilers for those who never played it). So as fun as it might seem, considering the tileset won’t be ready before 1-2 weeks at least, I might be done with ACT4 before ACT3! It’s not bad though, since means I’m not losing any time.

During act3 you can also do all the romance talks, including some funny jealousy scenes!

If all goes well the full game (still in beta though) could be done by end of month. But when was last time that “everything went as planned”? Hmm…I can’t remember :D

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PSCD – meet Diana Nelson

Here’s another Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense character intro. This time we talk about Diana, the playable female character.


Name:  Diana Nelson
Nickname:  Tigress
Nation of Origin:  Germany
Service Branch:  Imperial Special Forces
Specialty:  Sharpshooter

The middle of three children, Diana always knew she wanted to join the military which was something of a Nelson family tradition.  Even when her parents divorced, and she moved to Germany with her mother, Diana’s military ambitions remained.

This drive made it rather easy for her to join the Citadel, the Empire’s top military Academy.  Diana still holds the record for longest accurate shot made with a rifle.

Upon graduation, Diana was assigned to a remote detachment.  It was supposed to be a routine mission, guarding a team of scientists verifying whether the planet would be good for eventual colonization.

Somehow, the Arnox detected the human presence.  In a brutal attack, the aliens took out her immediate superiors, leaving Diana as the leading commanding officer.  Rather than surrender, Diana withdrew all survivors, and conducted a guerrilla war which lasted over six months.  

Eventually, human forces liberated the planet, and discovered how Diana’s actions actually kept the Arnox from causing trouble elsewhere.  Her troops named her Tigress, much to Diana’s amusement, for she was constantly on the prowl.

Her actions caused one problem:  while she is confident in her own skills, she sometimes has trouble relying on others.  Diana realizes the others have skills she lacks, but she feels she should be able to do more on her own.

This feeling also has strained the relationship with her brother.  When Alex was assigned as co-captain, Diana felt self-doubt, wondering whether her superiors were questioning her ability to defend the colony on her own.

As some users in forum suggested we’re going to tweak slightly Alex intro, explaining how his battle against the Robobrain was very useful to make progress in Psionics research, otherwise his background story was not at the same level of Diana’s.

Don’t worry, they’re both two tough and famous heroes/characters ;) That’s all for this week, next Friday we’ll talk again of the Steampunk World of Roger Steel introducing nonetheless than Roger himself! ;)

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Announcing Planet Stronghold: Colonial Defense

I know what you’re probably thinking: Winter Wolves doing a Tower Defense game? :)

First of all, I’m getting a custom engine done. So don’t worry, the game will run great even on the oldest desktop computers or mobile devices. Is not made in Ren’Py, but using a Python+C framework coded on purpose for this kind of games (and other possible ones, like wargames and builder games).

Will feature real-time shadows, shaders, effects and so on. Currently it can run at 24 FPS unoptimized on my ancient Android Transformer 101 (single core!) so even when we add more stuff should still be playable!

Tech stuff aside, do you think I could just make a plain TD game? (not that there’s anything wrong with it). Of course not! I’ll make a story, VN-Style, that will accompany the player through it, and some tough choices moments that will result either in different missions or same mission with different features.

As always you can play as male or female, and have 2 romances for each sexual orientation (2 straight, 2 homosexual). Yes, I managed to put romance even on a TD game, that’s some kind of achievement :D

Who is Alex Nelson?

But let’s introduce the first of the two main characters, Alex Nelson:


Name: Alex (Alexander) Nelson
Nickname: Lion
Nation of Origin: United States
Service Branch: Imperial Special Forces
Specialty: Leadership

Alex (he hates to be called Alexander), brother to John and Diana, is the youngest child of the Nelson household. He knew he was loved, but he felt he never measured up to the others, especially in a family where many people joined the military. It wasn’t until he discovered he had a talent for hovercar racing that he felt whole, sustaining him even when his parents later divorced.

Much to his surprise, Alex found most of this pressure was self-imposed. His parents encouraged him to find his passion, and in time, he actually made it onto the junior circuit of the hovercar racing league. Alex was about to go pro when the news announced a major defeat for the Earth forces on a distant planet…and one of the reported casualties was his sister.

Wracked with grief, Alex made the decision to join the military to avenge his sister. He passed through basic training, and was assigned to guard duty on a remote base. There was little of value to the base, but the Robobrains decided otherwise. Employing a series of sonic and psionic attacks to disorient the soldiers, the Robobrains attacked.
However, Alex possessed the strength of will to fight against this sensory assault, and rallied the others to mount an effective counterattack. The other soldiers started to call him ‘Lion’, and they were his ‘pride’.

Alex’s joy soon became overwhelming when news came out that not only was his sister’s death misreported, but she had decisively defeated the invaders.

While Alex is capable of inspiring his soldiers to follow him to hell and back, at times he still feels like he lives in the shadow of his brother and sister.

Stay tuned for more in the next weeks. I don’t have a fixed schedule but probably will alternate Roger Steel and PSCD characters intros.

Seasons Of The Wolf update

In the latest update, I’ve added fixed items with accompanying “lore text”, together with some other minor fixes/tweaks. I’m working on ACT3 right now and I’ve finished coding about 2/3, though I still have to get the new tileset and add it to the game, so that part will take at least one week.


Assuming there are no delays in art, I think ACT3 could be finished by end of September as I hoped :)

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