Goodbye dear friend

My cat Batman, from when he was a kitty until recent days

It has been less than a year since I had to write about one of my beloved pet’s death, that here I am again :( The black cat you see above was Batman, we called him like that because of his profile with the pointed ears!

I am not going to lie: I’m very, very sad. Not all cats are the same, this one was particularly smart, playful, and he used to pay me a visit at least once a day to my office (upstairs). It was surely one of my favorite cats!

Even this time, we waited and hoped until the last day that he could make it. Last Sunday, after brushing him in the morning, he was purring and looked happy like always, even if I knew he wasn’t OK. He wasn’t eating since three days and not drinking since almost two. Then as usual he went for a walk in the woods nearby, finding the energy I don’t know where. But when he came home that evening, he was clearly in pain, so I had to take the hard decision :(

I’ll miss you, Batman.

p.s. he was the cat that is supposed to be in the Heileen series. For obvious reasons I couldn’t call him Batman in the game too! But it was him. I know he’ll live forever in my games.

Once again, the show must go on: Seasons Of The Wolf Act 3 beta

Even if I’m working slower than usual, this week I also started SOTW act 3 beta! So far things are going well, with help of forum testers I’ve fixed already a great amount of bugs. Also, in this act you can do all the romance talks and unlock the romance CGs! (There are still more CGs for the ending in act4 though)

All the romance dialogues take place in Rowinda’s bathhouse. An appropriate place ;)

There is only act4 left, and if things go well might be ready for end of month, though is more likely mid-November. I am still waiting for some missing art (a few tilesets also for act3) but the main story and coding is already complete.

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PSCD – meet Xavier


This week is the turn of Xavier from Brazil. Potential love interest for Diana.

Name:  Xavier Ribeiro
Nickname:  Daredevil
Nation of Origin:  Brazil
Service Branch: Imperial Mechanized Cavalry
Specialty:  Repair

Growing up, Xavier was the stereotypical gearhead.  He loved vehicles, and even more so, pushing them to their limits.  As far as he knows, there wasn’t a dare Xavier couldn’t match.  Needless to say, he suffered his share of broken limbs as a child.

However, once he started to get older, Xavier grew more discerning in those activities he indulged in. While some might still consider him an adrenaline junkie, Xavier realized careful planning could elicit a greater rush down the line.

One result is he eventually joined the military, and more specifically their vehicle arm.  Few others had the cutting edge tech he could cut his teeth on.  His antics eventually earned him the nickname ‘Daredevil’, such as the time he ramped a hovertank off a dune, and cut a giant grub in half upon landing.

If Xavier could be said to have a flaw, it’s that sometimes he is a little too laid back.  After all, he’s crashed more than once, but has always come back for more.  Still, there are many who are glad to call him friend as he tends to assume the best in others and has a friendly word even when they are down.

When off duty, Xavier can often be found in the bar, regaling others with stories of his deeds, though lately this has tapered with the newly arrived Rigel, the mechanic.

Short update on other games

I have almost finished coding SOTW act 3. Actually, I have: I’m only waiting for some last missing tilesets, which could be the source of inspiration for some extra smaller quests or simply “hunting grounds” for those who like to grind. For example a lighthouse… which could be haunted :) But of course, I’m not adding much stuff now, since the game is already insanely long as it is.

I believe act 3 beta should start sometimes next week, next weekend if things go bad.


Roger Steel is making progresses as well. Artist is now doing all the “base expressions”. There will be also different ones, more marked, like laugh, scowl, scared, etc. plus some custom ones for each character that fits their personality.

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PSCD – meet Charlotte

Time for Charlotte’s introduction! She is one of my favorite character design and a possible homosexual love interest for Diana.

Name:  Charlotte Dubois
Nickname:  Hope
Nation of Origin:  Canada
Service Branch: Imperial Infantry
Specialty:  Recruit

Charlotte was always one of those people which seemed blessed.  Whether she was head cheerleader, captain of the field hockey team, or homecoming queen, she seemed destined for great things.

So, it came as little surprise when she went into politics.  Within a couple years, Charlotte was making great strides, and there was talk of her going to the highest levels of government.  All this came crashing after a scandal erupted, one involving the Imperial Intelligence Agency.  While the details were classified, it was serious enough that Charlotte’s career was dead in the water.

After some soul-searching, Charlotte joined the military, hoping a show of patriotism would be enough to jumpstart her career when she mustered out.  Much to her surprise, she found she actually enjoyed military, and her political skills served her in good stead when dealing with career soldiers and bureaucrats.

This came to the fore when a colony, its populace devastated by repeated attacks, was on the verge of collapsing.  With the skill any public relations specialist would envy, Charlotte convinced the people that yes, while things were bad, they could rise above it, and in fact, be a beacon for others by their resilience.  Some individuals started calling her ‘Hope’, though in more personal moments she feels uncomfortable with the appellation.

When matters of military and public life grow too much, Charlotte takes comfort in her flowers, small plants and seeds she brought all the way to earth as well as exotic species garnered in trade from alien planets.

News about Nicole yuri and SOTW!

There have been some good progresses of the yuri version of Nicole and SOTW. For Nicole, as you probably already know, the game will be much more “dark” and feature spooky/horror themes. You don’t believe it? check the background below:

zombie menagerie

It’s a location for a in-game Halloween event, featuring zombies! ;)

Work on SOTW continues, I received from the artist some tilesets, not everything I need but a good amount so that I was able to begin coding the first maps of Act3. Here you see the pirate town of Shacklesplit:


I have also made a tentative calendar for next beta release date:

This weekend: chapter15 (there should be some exploration to do, so new maps) and chapter16 (jariel personal quest, is basically already done)
Next week 29th sept-5th oct: chapter 17-18
Week 6th oct-12nd oct: chapter 19-20
Week 13rd oct – 19th oct (maybe sooner): last chapter.

Of course, take it with a grain of salt since because of Murphy’s Law for sure something will happen to delay the whole process ;)

One last thing, if you have Steam, you might have noticed that they pushed a big update this week, changing completely how it works. Please take time to write positive reviews on my games (if you liked them of course) since with this new system they seem to be more important. You can find all my games with this link:

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