Amber’s update

Ehm, maybe I won’t keep the messagebox above in the final game, however…

As you know well if you follow me on twitter or read my forums, I’m currently working at fullspeed to get my next game, Amber’s Magic Shop, out.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a much bigger game than I originally thought. But on the other hand I think will be worth the wait! The plot is almost entirely scripted (it was already written long time ago, but I needed to script it), and the gameplay coding is progressing well too, but it’s really much more detailed/complex than I originally planned. Hopefully means it’s also more fun to play 🙂

For example, above you see one of the various screens I coded this week, the “Unfinished Tasks”. Tasks will be like quests for the RPGs: you’ll have a limited amount of time to craft amount X of item Y, and of a minimum quality Z (in the game depending on the ingredients you mix, you’ll obtain different item quality). Rewards will be variable, money (obviously) but also “Reputation points” or new items/recipes.

I am also planning to leave a lot of freedom, especially during the “adult age”. In the young age, since Amber is an apprentice in Haros’ shop, she won’t be able to take many decisions, but once she gets to run her own shop (in the adult age indeed) she will have a much bigger variety of available actions in each game location, and will also be able to build her own magic shop.

I honestly hoped to have the beta out by the time I wrote this post: however, the last thing I want to do is hurry the game now, after all the efforts that have been put in it. Hmm, the next blog post will be the 31st March… maybe that will be a good day to announce the game in beta! 😉

While you wait, listen to a preview of one of the tracks from the game, “Gothic Doll”. Talk to you soon!

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Future games plans!

Haha, it’s going to be a long post! My apologies in advance 🙂

I ran out of “characters introduction posts” (at least for the upcoming games), and I wanted to explain what will happen in future regarding both the games and also how I’ll interact publicly. For those who want the short version:

  1. I’ll still make RPGs, but maybe one every 2 or 3 years. Not one every year!
  2. I’m going to offer optional sexy stuff in most of the future games
  3. From now on, I’ll talk about a new game in public only when it’s almost ready

And now for the long version, keep reading!

A RPG a Year… it’s too much

That’s the conclusion I came to recently. After last year, which was very productive, I was really drained out. I’ve rarely felt like that before (only when SOTW was finished! lol). Anyway the thing is, I cannot make a RPG every year. It’s too much, also considering I release other games meanwhile. If I was like Spiderweb, doing RPGs only, then maybe I could do one every 12/18 months. But right now, in my situation, that wouldn’t be possible. It would be hard for me to survive as indie with just one game a year.

Besides, money apart, even if you love something (and I really like to make RPGs) if you push it too hard, it becomes boring. And I want to avoid that, I want to work also on something different. That’s why I did Amber crafting system, the shop builder minigame, etc. As a developer / creative person, I cannot force myself to do only a specific kind of game, as much as I like it.

In summary, since I think to make a decent RPG (not even good, just decent) you need at least 4-5 months for the game design only, as you can imagine it’s hard to make one a year. It’s hard already one every two years to be honest 😛

Right now, I have planned the following RPGs: Loren 2 (which is even split in two parts!), Planet Stronghold 2, Roger Steel, Undead Lily & Cursed Lands. Even if by miracle I did one a year, it would take me 5 years to release them all (and that’s in a super-very-optimist case lol).

So I am thinking maybe to change some of those (maybe UL or RS) to be different, simplified. I haven’t made my mind yet though. The thing is that people can’t expect RPGs which are: long, with male/female protagonists, many romances, multiple branching, a good combat system, inventory, skills system AND expect that I make one a year/every 18 months. I would probably need to clone myself to accomplish this 😀

That said, I will of course still  make RPGs until I can, because I like doing them. It’s only that I realized I cannot afford to do them so often for my own physical/mental health!

Hot stuff!

We can all agree that one of the most common compliment people pay me, is that I listen to people, customers, fans. Of course, not just a small minority. But in general, if a good amount of people ask me a specific thing, and it’s something I can do (not like “hey you should make a full 3D MMORPG”) I try to do it.

I don’t know if it’s because of the hentai games invasion on Steam or something else, but I’ve been getting a lot of request to have more sexy stuff in my games. I want to reassure people who don’t like that kind of content: unless explicitly mentioned both in the game page and description, all the future games will still work like Loren: with completely optional “suggestive content”. And of course, I’ll still make some games like C14 Dating and similar, more on the cute/fluffy side of things. So don’t worry 🙂

The only thing that will change is that the “suggestive content” option which is already present in some games, will be… more suggestive! lol. Imagine for example games like SOTW, Planet Stronghold or PSCD which already had a suggestive option on/off, with an even hotter “suggestive CGs”. That’s it!

Since it’s a simple change for me to do, and it’s optional, I thought was worth doing to make (or at least try to make) everyone happy, as usual.

No pressure!

I recently noticed that announcing a game “too early” it’s not a good thing anymore. Of course on my Patreon I’ll still keep posting preview stuff on the thing I’m working on at the moment, but in public I am not going to announce a new game anymore until it’s basically done. Like if all the story is written and only needs to be scripted (usually 2-3 months of work max) or similar.

Of course for the already announced games this doesn’t matter.

Why? First of all, for the pressure. Really, I know that most people ask “when game XZY will be out?” because they are eager to play it, but it still has some sort of “psychological pressure”, if not on me in particular, on the writers maybe. Also, I think it’s going to damage my reputation, if happens like… <the cursed game> or even other games like PS2, Undead Lily, etc.

If I never talked about those in public too early (like 99% of other indies do, by the way) nobody could know they’re “late” by several years.

This business is really unpredictable. As I said many times in the past, now I have a good group of external collaborators, but sadly anything can happen. Even someone that’s good at his/her job, could have an accident, get hired by some big company, etc in short for any reason that person could need months of break, couldn’t work as fast as before, or not at all.

So of course this doesn’t mean I’ll make less games, I’ll still work like now. Only that instead of announcing a game as soon as it starts (like I did for many games in the past) I’ll talk about it when I’m basically 99% sure that it will be out in the next months. Isn’t it better even for you, the players? 😉

I really think so.

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Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Vin & Haros

The latest blog post regarding Amber characters introduction talks about one of the hottest milf- ahem, one of the most skilled witch of Aravorn: Vin!

(Oh yes, there’s also Haros the master alchemist now that I look better at the picture)

I’m joking of course, but I really like Vin’s character design and I hope to have her as love interest or even main character in a possible future game 🙂

Vin found Amber as a baby in the woods surrounding her home. She chose to take in the child and raise her despite the obvious differences they had. As the years passed, she began to teach Amber about alchemy and potion brewing. Her adoptive daughter wanted to be a witch like her but Vin feared practicing Dark Magic might awaken the demon blood inside the girl so she refused.

When Amber turned sixteen, she decided it was time for Amber to focus on alchemy and remove the temptation of Dark Magic from her life. Although she would miss her daughter, Vin felt it was best that Amber moved to Icesilia and became Haros of Icesilia’s apprentice.

Famous throughout all of Aravorn, Haros of Icesilia is regarded as the third greatest alchemist in the world and an extremely accomplished magician. He takes on Amber as his apprentice at the request of his best friend Vin and brings the young Dark Elf into his home and laboratory. While not doing his own research, he spends much of his time teaching Amber or reproving his son for his pride.

When Amber becomes a full alchemist, he announces his retirement shortly after and moves into the Mage’s Guild to take up position as its leader. He is rarely seen after that, apparently too busy with his duties to see anyone but his son.

That was the latest introduction. I hope you liked the characters, and that you’ll enjoy the story of the game once it comes out 🙂

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Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Thomas & Manuel

Since all the main characters were introduced, now it’s time to look at some secondary ones. They will still play an important role in the story. And they have their own pin-up CG too! 😉

Thomas is Ruby’s brother and a vampire just like her. When Ruby was first turned, she could not bear to be parted from him so she turned him against his will. He resented her at first for it but eventually came to accept it. 

He always got on well with his sister and spending eternity with her did not sound too bad after he thought about. Unlike her, however, he does not completely reject his vampiric nature, although he tries his best not to feed on men and women so as not to upset his sister.

Few people in Icesilia have not heard of Manuel, mostly because he spends most of his time telling everyone about himself. He is an adventurer and prominent in the Adventurer’s Guild despite his apparent inability to complete tough missions without help from his friend, Bernard.  

What he might lack in strength, however, is more than made up with his quickness of wit, his limitless charm and political acumen. That is not to say he is physically weak by any means, he is more than a match for most skilled warriors, but he is no legendary warrior and he will admit that if pressed.

Work on the game itself continues, but there’s still quite some work to do (in particular regarding the gameplay part, since the shop builder it’s not a small addition!). Anyways, still aiming at a beta release before Q1 ends (so before end of March).

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Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Lynn

intro_lynnTime to resume with Amber’s characters introductions. Now it’s the turn of Lynn: a serious contender for “most cute character in a game”! 🙂

One of the many Elves that makes up a sizeable proportion of the population of Icesilia, Lynn spent most of her life away from Grandtree and her extended family.

Her mother took her north east during the Third Demon War and settled alongside many refugees from that conflict. She grew up in the premier herbalist establishment in Icesilia and that has afforded her a fairly comfortable life. Her mother is an ambitious woman who believes that every generation should be more successful than the last.

To aid her daughter in accomplishing this, she has raised her to be what would be regarded as the perfect bride for the noble Elves in the city. Lynn, on the other hand, just wants to follow in her mother’s footsteps and be an herbalist like them.

As an adult, Lynn is torn between running the shop now that her mother has retired and the arranged marriage she has with an older noble in the city. She is not necessarily against the marriage but she wants to be sure the person she marries loves her as much as she loves them.

Lynn is a kind person who tries her best not to judge others. She quickly becomes Amber’s best friend and frequently confides in her. Despite having no memories of Grandtree, she is very interested in her roots and dives into Elvish tradition when she has the chance between all of her other responsibilities.

Despite this interest, she does not hold to the traditional discrimination against Dark Elves and frequently defends Amber’s right to live in the city against those who seek to drive her away.

This is the last character intro, regarding the love interests. But I still have a couple more introductions for secondary characters! They will appear on the next blog posts!

Queen Of Thieves on Steam

At last, even Queen Of Thieves is available on Steam. You can get it at this page:

as usual those who purchased directly can redeem a free Steam key here:

If you liked the game, remember to leave a review on the store page since they might help others to enjoy the game as well 🙂

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