Doing everything but working

Yes, it seems that for some people, everything is just an excuse for NOT working on your projects. Is really weird that for some reason I never read any of those “very useful” blogs or articles about personal motivation and still released quite some good titles in just 2 years.
Is just waste of time. Fire up Visual C, Photoshop or whatever. Do even some marketing looking for new links or ideas on internet, but don’t just post in forums or read stupid blogs that will promise you’ll become a living god in short time…
I really think that motivation should come spontaneously from within yourself. Is not reading bullshits like “earn 1 million in 30 seconds” that you’ll find motivation at all.
Many people are in indie business NOT for passion, but just for money. And curiously I think that those are the one who will earn less money in the end… 😀

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  1. HEY!! Where’s the game’s? I clicked on your blog for the games! tc evelyn

  2. Jack Norton says:

    Lol I put links to my site everywhere in my blog… anyway here it goes:
    8 games so far, hope they’re enough 😉

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