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USM2 beta? yes is getting closer!

I don’t want to post any “official dates”, but today I’m working on player transfer, and next week I hope to have done the “end of season” adjustments (players retiring, new youth squad players appearing, possibility for the coach to change team, and so on).

I did a test run for the league – amazing, played 15 league weeks with instant match option, and took me about 1h, making everytime the formation adjustment. Each click takes about 2-3s of calculation time. I’m very proud of it, no more time wasted waiting for the CPU to calculate the match!! πŸ˜€

So what’s going on next? after I finish version 1.0, I plan to keep working on it – no pause at all. I’ll listen to player feedback to improve it with new features/additions, first of all the national cups and possibly the international ones. This undoubtly will be my most updated game ever πŸ™‚

Yet another USM2 update…

Today I’ve been working on the load/save functions. For now I’ll just stick to .csv savefiles. That way I’ll be able to track bugs better than if I was using a normal binary save file. I thought the .csv format might be too slow, but actually, in debug mode (which is much slower than the final release mode) the game takes only 3-4 seconds to load/save a db with 25k players.

In any case I’ll let user change the size of database or which leagues to run in the game options. Also for now, as I already announced, no cups will be present in the initial v1.0 release. Of course as soon as v1.0 is on sale, I’ll start working on adding features in subsequent updates, which will be free for existing customers πŸ™‚ This kind of games (sports managements) are really huge to make, so I guess I’ll never run out of new things to add!

In the meanwhile, take a look at my title screen!

universal soccer manager 2

USM2 match finished!

Yes I can proudly say that! The USM2 match engine (at least for version 1.0) is done! that means that still need some testing, but you can play a match and see:

  • scoring actions with multiple choices and different results based on your active player skills
  • events like penalties, free kicks
  • injuries and yellow/red cards
  • substitutions
  • set your general team strategy: type of attack, counterattack, offside play, type of defensive marking, etc
  • change speed of the match
  • see in realtime the ratings of players and their fitness value (fatigue) to choose better which one to substitute

So now what’s left for the version 1.0 ? the player transfers and the end of season events – promotion, relegation and such. Also I need to make the possibility for the player to change team during his career. So yes, there’s still quite some work left to do… 😐

PES6 first impressions!

Yeah I know… I should work on USM2 πŸ˜€

And indeed I’m working on it, I swear! yesterday night finally passed another great milestone – played a complete match, everything went fine, player ratings, realistic results and events, etc.

But the “problem” is that today got my copy of PES6 fresh from the oven ! So I MUST play itΓ‚ for a while. I just played for a few hours and those are my first impressions:

  • realism: the game got even better! the dribblings feel much more realistic – more varied, not always the same sidestep as previous version, there are more casual rebounds like in real soccer
  • goalkeeper finally can lose control of the ball when saving: before either they were saving, or they were putting on corner kick. Now they can even just punch the ball, that will remain dangerously in the penalty area!
  • conterattacks! yeah! finally a true counterattack! Was the 89′ minute, my team winning 1-0 and the opponent all pressing forward during a corner kick, I manage to steal the ball and launch a solitary player. I went one on one vs the opponent GK and scored! such situations never happened before (there were always some defenders around!)
  • air play – the headers, the contrast were also greatly improved. Even here, the word is “randomness”. Of course having a big tall guy can have you get almost all the passes, but for other cases there’s much more variety of touches and situations.

In one word: this new version rulez, way better than the previous one that was a little disappointing!

USM2 set pieces

Today I made another importan addition… the “set pieces takers assignment”. Now you can set a predefined player to take any of the following set pieces: free kick from long distance, from short distance, penalty kick and corner kick. At first I thought was a small improvement that I could delay on a later update, then I realized during the match itself, that if you’re playing with the events is essential to be able to select which player must take that important free kick nearby the opponent goalie area…!
You can also choose to leave a value to “default” and the CPU will automatically pick a player for you. But maybe won’t be the best one! otherwise what would be your role in the game, just watch it playing itself!? πŸ™‚