Volleyball Heaven – Introducing Emily

Last but not least, Emily. Originally was supposed to be a “secret route”. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned doing many games, is that those secret routes remain secret for maybe a day… 🙂

So I thought was pointless to keep it secret. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be secret / bonus stuff to unlock! Right now artist is working on an awesome MILF character who takes part in a completely optional sex scene in the game that you can unlock 😉

And now let’s introduce Emily! If there’s time I might tweak her hair style since maybe looks a bit weird right now, but otherwise I think she’s good to go.

Emily Madison, 28

Born in the Maritimes and growing up with her Métis mother on the Canadian western prairies while her Indigenous father, a residential school survivor, worked on oilfields, rigs and ships, rarely returning home, Emily Madison has always prided herself on her self-sufficiency, discipline and focus. As a hardworking and dedicated student, Emily’s athleticism and drive took her to the verge of representing Canada in the Olympics until a training injury wrecked her dreams.

Since coming to terms with her sexuality as an undergraduate, and after a couple of brief unsatisfactory affairs, Emily recognized that her happiness lay in a committed long-term relationship. Her first such relationship lasted until she graduated, and the second took her to Asgard College, where she took up a scholarship to study sports medicine, recognizing her days at the pinnacle of competitive sport were over.

After gaining her doctorate, Emily was offered a position as junior lecturer and encouraged by the College’s commitment to developing a semi-pro college beach volleyball team – building upon the town’s boast of being Beach Capital of the World – set about founding the Asgard Valkyries on top of her other academic responsibilities. The first year proved to be a disaster on several fronts.

Despite their deep and longstanding personal differences, both Marksons proved to be elite players and easily won places on the team, as do Rika and Lana. But the Marksons’ mutual antipathy, Rika’s overriding desire to prove herself as an investigative journalist, and Lana’s personal issues combine to leave the team on the verge of imploding, consequently dealing Emily’s reputation and fledgling career a heavy blow.

In a final humiliation, her partner ends their relationship into which Emily had invested a lot of emotional energy to take up a position on the West Coast. At the beginning of the new academic year, Emily finds herself in an uncharacteristically fragile emotional state, with personal responsibility for a dysfunctional team, and her competency under question.

Into this maelstrom, Kayla arrives. Let down by Lana, who had briefly taken on the team captaincy lacking other suitable candidates, Emily sees in Kayla a final chance to help relaunch the team and her reputation. Feeling guilty but unable to see any other way out of the predicament she finds herself in, Emily gives Kayla the captaincy and can only watch in trepidation as the young woman struggles to combine the unwanted responsibility with her academic workload… and all the while, trying to keep unwanted yet powerful feelings from leading her astray, with life-changing consequences for all concerned.

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Volleyball Heaven – Introducing Jade

The writer and I refer to this character as “the ultimate babe”, and you can probably guess why 😀 Jokes apart, I really like the character design of Jade, one of my favorite of this artist together with Shiori of Summer In Trigue.

And now, everything you need to know about Jade directly from the writer:

Jade Markson, 21

The most traumatic period in Jade Markson’s childhood occurred when her parents adopted Zoe after her cousin’s parents were killed in a light aircraft accident.

The cousins had never been close despite being the only girls in their generation of Marksons, and Zoe’s sudden unavoidable presence turned her life upside down. The only comfort Jade could see in this tragedy was that while her caregivers were busy dealing with the constant fallout of Zoe’s latest escapades they effectively ignored her and let her do as she pleased.

Jade had always been a reserved, quiet and studious girl, most content when drawing elaborate costumes and imagining herself the natural daughter of a simple artisan couple who would one day show up on her fake parents’ genuine marble doorstep to reclaim her and take her back to share their humble existence.

Never comfortable being the heiress to what Rika refers to, with only a little bitterness, as ‘the magic Markson kingdom’, and painfully aware of the moral, ethical, and personal compromises that have to be made in building and maintaining great wealth, Jade retreated into her comfort zone, trusting few would value her for herself as opposed to her wealth, her beauty, and the position into which she was involuntarily born.

When she enters Asgard College – which her family helped found and where her father sits as a regent, with the pretension that it would one day become known as the Harvard of the Gulf – she is resigned to the fact that Zoe will be there too. Their joint presence at the young campus symbolizing that even the local elite see Asgard as every bit as prestigious as the northern Ivy League institutions.

Athletic and sporty, she is virtually press-ganged into the Asgard Valkyries when few other college women are willing to play alongside Zoe, who is not only difficult to get along with but whose outspoken brand of activism has given the whole team an unwarranted reputation in this socially conservative state.

When Kayla arrives on the scene, she is unsure what to make of the rough-hewn young woman. Being a friend of Lana’s, Jade is not expecting much of her. But when Kayla is unexpectedly drafted into the captaincy and as the consequences of her decisions play themselves out over the course of the year, Jade realizes that this extraordinary woman might change her life even more profoundly than Zoe did over a decade before.

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Volleyball Heaven – Introducing Rika

I must say that I have a weak spot for asian girls 😉 Probably I’m not the only one! Anyways, she has a cool look and hair style, and an interesting backstory… read below the writer’s official intro.

Rika Yukimura, 19

From a young age, American-born Rika felt a tension between her traditionally minded Japanese immigrant parents and the freewheeling culture in which she grew up immersed. When she was 12, amid rising familial tensions, her father finally returned to Japan, leaving Rika and her mother – who was already having an affair with the man who would become her stepfather – to continue life in Asgard.

Perhaps because of her experiences, Rika has always been interested in the complex relationships between appearances and reality, truth and lies. From a young age, with a precocious appreciation for such films as His Girl Friday, Ace in the Hole, and All the President’s Men, she set her heart on being an investigative journalist. When she entered the Journalism program at Asgard College she considered it a stroke of luck that among her fellow students were Jade and Zoe Markson who, rich and privileged as they are, would surely have a few skeletons just waiting to tumble out of their closets.

Now, a year later, as an unsuspecting Kayla enters their orbit, she is wondering whether it was a curse wrought to trap her personally. After unearthing information which she believed would lead to the scoop of a lifetime, naivety, poor judgment, and carelessness has turned her dream to lawyer-infested nightmare. Not only has she made enemies of the Markson cousins, but even the College administration has put her on notice that she might be expelled should she put another foot wrong.

Outwardly calm, friendly, and diligent, inside Rika finds herself constantly tense and on edge, not helped by her tendency towards social anxiety which she has always struggled with. When Kayla joins the Asgard Valkyrie’s, Rika dares to hope that fate has given her a chance of redemption, but first she has to use all her guile to determine where the new girl’s loyalties and ambitions really lie.

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Volleyball Heaven – Introducing Lana

Do you like short hairstyle in women? I must say I like it, and it fits Lana’s character well. But enough talking, let’s introduce this new character/love interest for Volleyball Heaven!

Lana Reddlyn, 19

Lana and Kayla have been friends since they met as five-year-olds on their first day of school. While Kayla grew up on her family’s farm, Lana lived with her dysfunctional family in the county town of Coleville. However, thanks to Kayla’s mother, who took her out to the farm as often as possible, Lana and Kayla spent most of their childhood playing together and forming the strong bonds that would unite them again in Asgard.

As Kayla’s interests changed from playing pioneer explorers in the woodlands surrounding the farm, to reading everything she could in the school and county libraries, to resurrecting old cars liberated from their decades’ old rest in neighbouring barns, Lana was always there, learning from (or more often latterly, enduring) her friend’s offbeat interests, hobbies, and occasional wild escapades.

Finally, her home-life disintegrating and feeling that she would never achieve her dreams of fame and fortune if she didn’t escape Cole County, Lana semi-reluctantly left Kayla behind to pursue her dreams in Asgard.

Once Kayla arrives in Asgard, she quickly realizes Lana is no longer the carefree girl she remembers and, perhaps, idealized. Lana has joined the Valkyries because being in the proximity of money, power, and fame – epitomized in her mind by Jade and Zoe – is the next best thing to having them herself. But being impulsive, headstrong and determined to leave her impoverished upbringing behind forever, Lana has made some unwise choices, the consequences of which will strain the friends’ loyalty to each other and to the other Asgard Valkyries.

Only time – and Kayla’s fateful choices – will reveal whether the two can repair their friendship or doom it and the future of the team forever.

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Volleyball Heaven – Introducing Zoe

As usual, in the next few blog posts, I’ll introduce the characters of my newly announced game “Volleyball Heaven” with the help of the game writer 🙂

We start with one of the most controversial/unique character of this game (well, she’s in good company though!). The only thing I’ll add is that fans of the Chambara’s romance CGs from Loren can find a new mistress in Zoe 😉

Also, in the introduction images I will show the character in the volleyball uniform and casual outfit. However there are several more outfits and, ahem, underwears that you can see in game… if you really must see the girls dressed. Otherwise, we got you covered! 😉

Zoe Markson, 22

According to Lana, if Zoe ever wrote a self-help book it should be called ‘How to Lose Friends and Alienate People’.

After her parents die in a light aircraft accident when she was ten, Zoe was formally adopted by Jade’s parents – her paternal uncle and aunt, who perhaps hoped her assertiveness and self-confidence would rub off on her far more reserved cousin.

Never shy of being herself and precociously self-aware, at the age of 14 Zoe announced she was a lesbian. When she was 16, she founded and front-lined Asgard’s first (and as yet only) lesbian death metal band, Apocalypse Sunrise, whose legend lives on even today.

Unmoved by the oft-expressed opinions of her dismayed foster parents but lacking the disposition to acquiesce to the overwhelmingly macho culture of the music industry, she wound up the successful band just shy of her 18th birthday and embarked on the one true cause of her young life – encouraging women to free themselves from patriarchal tyranny.

Using some of her inheritance as a scion of the wealthy and politically powerful Markson family, she founded Diana Gyms, a chain of women-only gyms, concentrating on self-defence and assertiveness training, in part marketing, – perhaps unwisely – to female immigrants and their daughters from cultures even more conservative than the southern United States.

When Kayla arrives, Zoe is entering the final year of her business and sports science studies at Asgard College. Zoe’s boundless energy, abrasive attitude, and extreme competitiveness have given the Asgard Valkyries a notoriety out of proportion to their league performances so far.

Being the final season in which she can play on the squad – and there are quite a few supporters and players who can hardly wait to see the back of her – she is determined that this is the year the team ascends to its full glory and senses in Kayla potential for realizing this goal.

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