Feeling at home

Some days are really strange. Today I came back home (to my parents home) after 2 weeks in my new house (about 2h of driving). I was just arrived, eating some delicious “Lasagne” made by my mother, when my brother came home in a hurry because he had to play a match of 5-a-side soccer (that small version of soccer known in Italy as “calcetto”).
I decided to go playing, so I could see again some old-friends. It was a strange sensation. Just 4 years ago, I was seeing them all weekends when we were going out to have fun (and maybe drink too much!).
Now I saw them after 2-3 months, a long time. Still I felt happy and we did the usual jokes, even if I noticed that the time has passed. One of them was talking about the joy of having a son… I think he is ready for that himself 😉
Then played the match as Goalkeeper (I usually play that role), and when I came back home and checked the mail – surpirse- sold a copy of my game “The Goalkeeper”!!!
Now that’s what I call a coincidence…!

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  1. lakibuk says:

    My mother will bring me lasagne today,too.

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