New year started well!

Yes, this new 2006 started really well. I have so many project going on that I’m excited 🙂
First of all my main goal will be to release USM2 in time for the world cup of Germany. USM2 was in development already since some time, but I had to rewrite the database engine. As it was the 1st title (Universal Soccer Manager), I want it to be running ultra-FAST even on really awful pc like Pentium 3 450mhz with 256mb of RAM 🙂
I should finish within one month max the new update of Magic Stones, then I’ll be working 100% fulltime on USM2, in particular in the match game engine.
I really believe I’ll surprise people with my idea, if I’ll be able to implement it as I have in mind…

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  1. Good to hear your new year has started well 🙂

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